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Let me introduce myself Empty Let me introduce myself

Post by NoBanking Fri Mar 22, 2024 1:52 pm

Hey guys, I've recently joined the clan after returning from a small break. I have been playing on and off for about 14 years. I always tend to make a new account when I return from a break to keep things interesting. I will generally only play 1-2 hours a day between work and looking after a toddler lol. UIM has definitely kept me the most interested so far. I live in Australia so might be online opposite hours to many of you. I look forward to chatting with you all to make the grinds that little bit easier! Very Happy

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Let me introduce myself Empty Re: Let me introduce myself

Post by To End Fri Mar 22, 2024 11:34 pm

Hey NoBanking, welcome back! I also generally make a new account when I return after a long time, partially to keep things fresh and experience the nostalgia of early game again. I definitely want to try a UIM sometime, but I'm still in the early game of my HCIM so I should probably make some progress on that first lol.

Hope to see you around! Smile
To End
To End

Let me introduce myself YP5zkAJ

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