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Let me introduce myself Empty Let me introduce myself

Post by SirFlyingFox Sat Jul 15, 2023 6:14 pm

Hey everyone, I'm SirFlyingFox.

Following the recent forestry update and that I'm (slowly) approaching Bossing/Raiding level, I've decided to start looking for a clan to meet people, learn more about bosses and raids, and see where it goes. I found this clan on the OSRS forum, thanks to all your BUMP. From the description, it looks like a really nice and friendly clan.

I am Canadian, currently living on the east coast. I'm back in school after a few years working and needing a change. I speak French and English, and currently learning Spanish. I try to play almost every day, slowing grinding my way to the Max Cape. I've been playing OSRS on and off for years now and started playing again a few months ago. I've had many account over the years, starting over countless times after forgetting about them or simply needing a fresh start.

My current goals in-game:
- Combat lvl 100 (currently 96)
- Slayer lvl 85-87 (currently 74)
- Constructon lvl 80 (currently 70)
- Get a second 99 skill
- Get the Quest Cape
- Start doing bosses and raids (I've only done Obor, Barrow and KBD so far)

I hope to see you all in-game and hopefully become a full member of this clan soon. Don't hesitate to reach out.



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Let me introduce myself Empty Re: Let me introduce myself

Post by shopferix Sun Jul 16, 2023 12:31 am

Hello SirFlyingFox and welcome to the clan and offsite! 

First of all, welcome from another East Coaster, always good to see another Canuck join.

All the best with all of those goals, it looks like the perfect goal set to also achieve all hard diaries (if you need another goal that is, lol). 

I hope you are enjoying your time here so far, see you around!

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Let me introduce myself Empty Re: Let me introduce myself

Post by Musicked Mon Jul 17, 2023 4:28 pm

Hey, SirFlyingFox! Those are some awesome goals! We'll probably meet ingame sometime, sounds like you've got quite the journey ahead of you.

What have some of your other accounts been about?


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