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"Spites" Introduction Empty "Spites" Introduction

Post by Spites Sat Jun 04, 2022 6:45 pm

Hello everyone!

In game name is Spites. Been playing OSRS for what feels like decades, but only in this year have I actually decided to level an account thoroughly, haha.

Interested in joining a Clan for awhile, looking for a laid back and relaxed place to call home for a bit.

Looking forward to chatting!

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"Spites" Introduction Empty Re: "Spites" Introduction

Post by EvanK-Hell Sun Jun 05, 2022 2:08 am

Welcome to the clan Smile

Yes our guild is very chill and relaxing and i hope you'll enjoy yourself here. Just keep in mind that our clan chat follows some basic maturity rules.

Make sure you check out our discord, most of the clan weekly and monthly events are shared there and many fun topics to join.

And as well try your luck in our off site monthly lottery, you'll be able to win some coin and some fun clan rewards.

To join our weekly skill of the week competition, sign up here. Skill of the week voting happens in the discord

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"Spites" Introduction Empty Re: "Spites" Introduction

Post by Noctivagous Sun Jun 05, 2022 10:52 pm

Hey Spites, and welcome.
I'm glad you chose OSRS Advice to call your home, and believe me I know the feeling of taking extended breaks in RS because we both know no one really quits haha.
Hope to see you around!
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"Spites" Introduction Empty Re: "Spites" Introduction

Post by shopferix Mon Jun 06, 2022 8:10 am

Welcome Spites to the clan and offsite! I think you have found the right clan based on your descriptors and I hope you enjoy your time here. All the best and hope to see you around!

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