Time to reintroduce myself... <3

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Time to reintroduce myself... <3 Empty Time to reintroduce myself... <3

Post by Mister Wolf Fri Jul 05, 2024 6:07 am

Hey all!

Long time Runescape player here.. around 18+ years on and off however have recently made the switch over to OSRS and really enjoying it! I really enjoyed Leagues when that came out but oh my the grind is so much slower when making the switch back over to normal ha.

Little about me.. Full time nerd working as a IT infra engineer who has a huge interest in cars and does the odd bit of automotive photography here and there.

Looking forward to meeting more of you and i'll be in the clan chat when ever im online!

What are my goals you ask...
I've always been into slayer and skilling but i want to make the transition into PVM at some point so hopefully you guys can teach me? Razz

Mister Wolf
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