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Hello from a complete OSRS noob from Norway Empty Hello from a complete OSRS noob from Norway

Post by TommiHelmOS Fri Apr 05, 2024 4:52 pm


TLDR; I'm TommiHelmOS in OSRS - fresh off tutorial island yesterday (but a member). More or less completely new to OSRS, but played a lot of RS3 the last 4-5 years (mostly Iron accounts). In real life I'm in Norway.

I'm Thomas from Norway.

I never played any Runescape back in the old days, neither before nor after it became 2 games. Was more into Diablo 2 (and later PoE), and WoW, and all the "wow-killers" that came after it. But 4-5 years ago I started playing RS3 quite a bit. First a main to 2k or so, before starting an Ironman that I got kind of hooked on for a year, and got Quest Cape and about 2,7k total. I've played several Irons to 2,6k after that, I just love the game up to that point, but then it gets to boring to farm all the supplies needed on an Iron for me. I also get bored really fast of mains on RS3 - the MTX (although I know it can be ignored) is just to much. If RS3 had a Bronzeman mode built in I'd probably be playing that.

Anways, RS3 is getting very stale atm (and it's not looking likely to change), so I decided to finally give OSRS a proper go. The last few times I've tried it I quit in the first 2-3 hours cause it felt so slow to get around with all the walking. I've watched a lot of Youtube series on OSRS lately though (which is part of why I gave it another go tbh), and picked up a few tips on how to make things better early on. So after making 500k or so on some very easy money makers standing at the GE, and buying a bunch of Energy/Stamina Potions and teleport jewelry I'm actually really enjoying the start this time. Enough so that I bought members.

I have a regular day job (in IT), so I won't be playing 14 hours a day, but I might AFK a bit during work hours if that is even possible in OSRS. So far I haven't found much that lasts more than 15-30 seconds, and I feel like I get kicked out to fast, but I'm guessing it's possible.

My main goals right now has been getting these Birdhouse runs I keep hearing about going for passive money. That's taken me on a bit of a fun round trip of quests so far to get some skill requirements, but I finished Dig Site today. My next goal is to get Magic to 49 so I can make the pendant, as I understand that's kind of needed to make the runs worth doing. I also still need a few quests to get to 100 kudos anyways.

After that I think I'll just focus mostly on the recommended Quest guide on Wiki. But I do enjoy combat, and trying to make money as well, so I'll definitely be doing that. I will not be doing any 40-50 hour grinds of the same thing like those minigames everyone seem to be doing early (at least Ironmen?), or running roofs non-stop for agility outfit, or barb fishing to 99, etc.. I know I would burn out in no time if I did, so I'll do a bit of everything (including those things) and probably work towards Quest Cape eventually. It would be cool to at least have that in both games.

The only thing I don't really like in any game is PvP, so if you ever seem in the Wilderness it'll probably be butt naked. Although, who knows, maybe I'll end up enjoying that part of the game to.

Any tips and tricks are most welcome - I really don't mind backseat gaming, and I usually spend way to much time researching stuff on Wiki, Reddit, Discord, Youtube in these games. I especially enjoy PvM where there is the chance of a big drop, more than just steady boring levels of gp/h. The dopamine rush probably. I guess those don't exist until much higher combat levels though?

See you in game (I'm guesting in CC), and on Discord.


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Hello from a complete OSRS noob from Norway Empty Re: Hello from a complete OSRS noob from Norway

Post by Skillius Sat Apr 06, 2024 8:41 am

Welcome to the game and welcome to the clan!

As far as AFK goes, there's plenty of options in OSRS. Some things that come to mind for an early account and are very AFK are training combats at sand or ammonite crabs and mining shooting stars. You can AFK these for 5+ minutes at a time easily. There's also the typical options like fishing, woodcutting, cooking but yeah, less AFK.

Feel free to add me in game if you'd like and have any questions Smile

Hello from a complete OSRS noob from Norway YP5zkAJ

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Hello from a complete OSRS noob from Norway Empty Re: Hello from a complete OSRS noob from Norway

Post by Purple Dude Sun Apr 07, 2024 5:14 am

Welcome Tommi Very Happy

Going from RS3 to OSRS can be rough due to the slower xp rates, but that just makes the achievements feel more fulfilled imo ^^
Most of us are adults adulting, so you will discover most of us got fulltime jobs too lol, and a surprising amount of us work in IT too, funny how that works out xD

Your goal of getting to birdhouses sound like a good one, the reason most like them is the passive hunter xp, like I did birdhouses basically until Lvl 80, since one birdhouse run takes 1min and then you leave until an hour later where you do it again Razz

Quest Cape is a solid goal to prevent burn out, since it basically introduces you to the game in ways that normal grinding can't, especially because the grandmaster quests have boss monsters that introduces you to different mechanics that isn't just click it until it dies Very Happy

If you follow the clan chat, you will naturally just absorb knowledge based on others questions, but don't be afraid to talk and air questions out or ask for everyones favourite food, but beware, all food discussions tend to get very heated for some reason Surprised ^^

Either way, welcome to the clan and seeya around ^^

Hello from a complete OSRS noob from Norway Tumblr_n4ligjCVIn1spy7ono1_500
Purple Dude
Purple Dude

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Hello from a complete OSRS noob from Norway Empty Re: Hello from a complete OSRS noob from Norway

Post by To End Mon Apr 08, 2024 4:43 am

Hi Tommi, and welcome to OSRS! You're going to have a ton to learn, but that's half the fun of the early game! Birdhouse runs are an excellent starting goal, and can definitely earn some good starting cash. Like others said, please ask away with any questions that come up, we're all happy to help! Smile

Hope to see you around!
To End
To End

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