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Post by Hpmark24 Fri Dec 22, 2023 6:44 am

What's up everyone! My osrs name is BidensSpeech. Just created an account about a week ago. Used to play all the time about 13 years ago. Trying to get back into it and join and fun and social clan. Probably going to need some help and will have alot of questions seeing how I'm just starting back up. Look forward to joining osrs advice!

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Post by RedIrishTank Fri Dec 22, 2023 7:48 am

Welcome to the cc!

We are here and ready to answer with any questions you might have about the game.
Looking forward to seeing you in the cc.


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Post by Rackroll Sat Dec 23, 2023 5:09 am

Welcome Hpmark24, and welcome back to Runescape! There's definitely been a lot of changes in 13 years, so totally understandable that you'll have a lot of questions. You've found a great group with a ton of experience, and we're all happy to help however we can.

See you around! Smile

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Post by 01samantha Sat Dec 23, 2023 7:14 am

You came to the right place! Is a good group of ppl overall just watch out for Ash he is a horrible hoarder of all things useless...well heck just use him as your trash dumb chances are he collects what you throw away. I was gone like 7 to 8 years and i have questions myself on so much...I'm amazed how much I forgot.

Welcome to your new home!

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