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Fe Azein (Ironman) Progression - Page 2 Empty Huge progress

Post by Azein Mon May 22, 2023 3:52 pm

5/22/2023 - Massive progress PART (1/2)

I unintentionally stacked my account with a ludicrous amount of progress compared to my last post. I'll try and break it down as best I can. This will be split up into multiple posts


Where we last left off was with the completion of the prerequisite quests to Song of The Elves, with the final quest being the accounts second major milestone, following Barrows gloves. We had just finished the last "huge" prereq being Herblore, with the remaining ones being mining, smithing, construction, and thieving. If you recall in my earlier posts, I had banked 70 construction through oak logs, and both mining and thieving are fairly straight forward skills to train. The other major grind I had was 70 prayer. More on this later. The other slew of goals I had were to attempt early Tombs of Amascut runs, the hard Morytania diary.

The Rune Crossbow & 70 Range

To begin, once I hit the strict requirement I had of 70 herblore, I chose to relax the farming grind as it was essentially all I was doing day in and day out. I set my sights on some account gear upgrades for future content, namely questing and PVM. A rune crossbow, as many know, is a staple item in a gear setup for almost every piece of content in the game, especially things such as raids and the Fire Cape grind. However, with a range level of 62, that content would be exceedingly difficult. And so, my intention early on was to passively level range through slayer and other content and craft a rune crossbow. Being a hardcore, I was unable to rely on wilderness content for the limbs.  

Now, being at 55 fletching, I would have to grind to level 64 so I can use a +5 boost from an orange stew to 69 to both craft the handle from yew, and attach runite limbs to it to make the crossbow, and then a crossbow string. First, I had to figure out how to get the limbs. Runite limbs are often obtained by ironmen through wilderness content, and the second best safe alternative was for me to do steel dragons. Having 70 herblore allowed me to use antifire potions, making this task feasible, and coincidentally the first task I got after deciding to do this was a Steel Dragons task. I managed to obtain the limbs on the second to last task!

Fe Azein (Ironman) Progression - Page 2 Run_el10

With runite limbs, I would now need to grind to level 64 fletching. I did so using broad arrows at a slayer master, which proved to be quite expensive. With a +5 boost from the many orange spices I had banked after Monkey Madness, I managed to get it fairly quickly and make the rune crossbow. Now, I am going to hit you with some stupid Runescape luck my account has had, and this is a little bit of a spoiler.

Fe Azein (Ironman) Progression - Page 2 Ranged10

Not only did I upgrade my account with a rune crossbow, but I also obtained: A Robin Hood hat, Saradomin chaps, Armadyl dhide top, Zamorak Dhide boots, and Saradomin dhide helm. Yes, that is a full slew of god dhide AND a robin hood hat within 35 hard clues (at 44 currently).

Massive Skilling Progress

So I figured you know, since I had a magic shortbow and LMS is a pretty convienent way of getting the imbue and rune arrows, I'd send it there for a few runs. And then a few more things happened...

Fe Azein (Ironman) Progression - Page 2 Skill_10

Quite a lot, right? let's run through those one by one.
Cooking: Cooking was gradually trained through Karambwan fishing that I started doing for an easy food source.

Mining: Mining I chose to do through that mixture of MLM and sand mining - ultimately I decided to finish it at MLM for the golden nuggets.

Ranged: Ranged I ultimately did at Blue Dragons for their bones, with my newfound msb(i). It was quick to come, as I was already 62 range, and was much faster with this setup than wasting Ibans blast on them. I had done some slayer for it as well!

Slayer: Slayer was something I really wanted to level up so I could push the medium combat diaries to make my barrow runs a lot less resource intensive. I ultimately achieved it doing a kalphite task. I would have to get 72 to do the medium diary with a +5 boost.

Thieving: I was getting a bit burnt on combat tasks, so I decided to train another SOTE skill as much as I could. I did blackjacking from 59-65, and on the advice of several other irons, Pyramid Plunder from 65-70. It took 4-5 hours, and I think I'll save PP for later as I will need the sceptre.

Smithing: Smithing is one of those skills that is a pain to train and resource intensive. Ultimately what I did was exhaust around 1k or so steel and iron and a few hundred mithril bars to grind to 65 smithing for a Kourend hard diary task, and it was rather quick! With this, I completed the Kourend Hard Diary and completely exhausted my supply of bars with 100xp in the 70 grind remaining. So, as to be expected, I made 2 golden bowls (lol) and got the level.

Prayer & Loss & Gain

Ah, prayer. My least favorite skill. So over the entire duration of the account I had essentially been banking ensouled heads and any draconic or big bones I was coming across. I ultimately needed 2000 bones in order to use the Ectofuntus to not risk my hc status, or 1100 or so at the wilderness altar. I decided, you see, that my status could be damned and tried to send it with my main in the wilderness, and a pker absolutely sauced me in two hits. Yup. That ended my hardcore status. Thankfully I don't care! So with the wonderful event run by Alchs and Aff, and a LOT of deaths, lost bones, and world hops, I managed to finish of 70 prayer over 5-6 hours of trying.

By finishing 70 prayer, I was able to do the Morytania hard diary, unlocking rapid teleportation to Shades of Mort'ton as well as double runes, which is how this account will be affording its onyx gems for furies and other items, as well as the required chaos runes and death runes for most spells being cast later in the account.

To celebrate this, and to train my magic up for the barrows portal and bursting and whatnot, I did a LOT of barrows runs. If I do recall, I was at around 15 or so KC, and up to this posts progress (which is across various dates between March and April, I reached up to 90-100 kc. My log, currently (5/22/2023), as I do barrows quite frequently, is this, though it is fun to note I have been VERY dry since kc 100 so most items have been obtained around a kc of 80 or so:

Fe Azein (Ironman) Progression - Page 2 Arr10

The last thing I think I will note on before ending this post and moving into the next (massive update) is that I have been cycling my kingdom every week or so, having done Throne of Miscellenia and Royal Trouble, and obtained 75 magic for magic logs for birdhouse runs, and obtained a slayer helm!

Fe Azein (Ironman) Progression - Page 2 Slayer11

This is part 1 of 2 posts. Please see the next post for a second part.

Fe Azein (Ironman) Progression - Page 2 YP5zkAJ

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Fe Azein (Ironman) Progression - Page 2 Empty Re: Fe Azein (Ironman) Progression

Post by Azein Mon May 22, 2023 6:15 pm

This is part 2 of a 2 part update. Please see the post above it for the full update.

5/22/2023 - Mission accomplished PART (2/2)


So - guess what? We're very, very close to finishing the goals we set out after we got Barrows gloves. That is Song of the Elves; a massive account milestone that required coming up on a year of part-time effort. Now, I can't just get the required stats and send the quest right away, the account does require some items, and some building before it can actually tackle some quests. Before we dive into some of the primary goals, let's cover some passive things I accomplished in the push for this.

Skilling and content:

As I played on the account I mixed up the content a lot, and I actually did a pretty huge quest, particularly A Kingdom Divided. Interestingly, I had leveled up my range and mage quite significantly from where I left off on my last post. Through slayer and PvM, I managed to get into the high 70s with magic, and achieve 75 range. With that in mind, I decided I'd also do two other main quests to level up runecrafting for diaries and get a bulk drop of crafting experiences to save on resources: Beneath Cursed Sands and The Fremmenik Exiles. If you recall, BCS was a goal of mine not only to unlock TOA but also the Water circlet for long-term stays at sand-mining for the crafting grind I was planning on doing. The Fremmenik Exiles was to give me 50k crafting and a lot of runecrafting experience, and unlocks the Basilisk jaw as a BIS pvm item, which I will reserve for a future grind.

Fe Azein (Ironman) Progression - Page 2 Quests15

Being rather insane, I figured why not try some ToA! So I launched some entry level 0 invocation raids and struggled immensly. Thankfully, a few members of the CC, namely Ripa, Skeezy, Film Geek, a new member named Thano and some others carried me for a few, though it usually ended with a LOT of deaths but helped me get the combat achievement points  to actually finish not only the medium combat diary but a expert raid!

Fe Azein (Ironman) Progression - Page 2 Tombs_10

You may notice fossilized dung is what I received, and for every raid save for one that is all I essentially have received. The sticking point for me currently is that though I have learned a majority of the mechanics, my dps is not high enough to compensate for any errors I am making as I learn. And so, I decided the account needed a few upgrades.  

Skilling - Upgrades:
Skilling Upgrades:

Content - Upgrades: The Fire Cape
Fire Cape:

SOTE Preparations

So - what's left for Song of the Elves?

Fe Azein (Ironman) Progression - Page 2 Sote_s10

Construction, alone, remains. At the time of my last posting, I was 50 construction. After some debating, the most clear path forward was to use teak planks at mahogany homes. I decided to invest a good chunk of my cash stack and create around 1.5k teak planks, and got right to work. It wasn't too difficult, just a bit mind numbing, but over time the levels fly by. The plank sack really helped not having to go and bank every five seconds, I just wish there was a bar sack too because it is annoying to end up at a house and be missing 1 steel bar lol.

Fe Azein (Ironman) Progression - Page 2 Constr11

The Quest:

Song of the Elves is a remarkably straight-forward quest, with an extremely annoying light puzzle in the middle of it, followed by a few decent challenges and a LONG boss fight at the end for an account without a trident. I decided to quickly level up to 80 magic so I would have access to a blood spell that was the strongest for a single enemy. This would be a big increase over Ibans and would have to do for Seren. My melee stats, at this time, are now close to base 80s, and I used melee dominantly for everything else in the quest. With an ample supply of stamina potions, I was able to complete the temple puzzle without much trouble, and the other two fights were quite easy. My main had extreme trouble with the elves attacking the barricade, and my ironman had it easy as I just tagged them with darts and tanked them.

In retrospect, the Seren fight makes me extremely glad I chose to grind out Saradomin brews early. Not having them would have been a NIGHTMARE. While a simple fight, it was quite brutal. Seren cycles through four special attacks every several normal attacks, and the fight constantly has chip damage to eat away at your healthbar. The specials, save for one, are fairly easy to deal with, but incredibly frustrating. One in particular spawns an increasing amount of healing pillars that can rapidly undo any of the damage you do to Seren, and this was a huge problem for me as my blood spell wasn't super accurate. So while I did 100-150 damage against Seren, she'd heal 50-60 points back. The fourth special attack is the worst, as it pulls you in and smacks you down to nearly 0 HP. This forces me to suck down a bunch of brews and usually 2-3 doses of a restore, so I was essentially throttled by the amount of restores I had ultimately, as if I used too many brews and didn't have enough restores, I wouldn't be able to cast my offensive spell. So essentially, I had to prioritize dps every chance I could get, and could only take her 1000+ health bar down 100-200 every cycle, and I had exactly 7 restores and like 15-16 brews.

Literally, right before her last healing special, when I was on my last dose of a super restore, with 46 HP left, I managed to kill Seren, and with it complete Song of the Elves.

Fe Azein (Ironman) Progression - Page 2 Quests11


The true unlock that comes from completing this quest, being the one with the highest requirements in the game, is access to to the Elven city. This gives me the highest (I think) xp/hr agility course, Zalcano, some really nice quality of life shops and access points (runes, sawmill, banks, clothes, anvil, etc.). Naturally, I swapped my house from Hosidius here first thing. The biggest thing for an account, especially an ironman, is evidently the Corrupted Gauntlet, nicknamed by my fellow irons as the "red prison". I intend to go after that grind another time, but I decided it would be kind of fun to try and send, blindly, the Gauntlet for the first time just to send off this chapter of the account. It took me 3 total KC, but I managed to do it!

Fe Azein (Ironman) Progression - Page 2 The_ga10

What comes next?:

Song of the Elves is a massive chunk of content I bit off way early on in the account as an overarching goal. The preparation for carried me down even more long tangents than getting Barrows gloves did, and now I essentially have access to every piece of content in the game. Having the stats I do enables me to tackle the next logical account goal I can think of, the...
...Quest Cape

There were several other things that happened that might be of interest to collection loggers, click below:
Clues and Collection log:

Fe Azein (Ironman) Progression - Page 2 Skillt10

Fe Azein (Ironman) Progression - Page 2 YP5zkAJ

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Fe Azein (Ironman) Progression - Page 2 Empty Response to Azein

Post by Natalia Mon May 22, 2023 8:14 pm


Holy cow Azein what an amazing read. You've worked so hard on this account and done a very wonderful job of displaying it here both in narrative and picture form. Rightly proud of you for completing Songs of the Elves; that's no small feat for anyone, especially an IM, although I don't see when the helm changed color.. you're gonna love doing Zalcano and the 60k xp/hr at Prifddinas Agility Course is no joke.

Really looking forward to where you go from here. Greatest luck to you for completing the Quest Cape, I know you can do it!


Fe Azein (Ironman) Progression - Page 2 YP5zkAJ

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Fe Azein (Ironman) Progression - Page 2 Empty Re: Fe Azein (Ironman) Progression

Post by Azein Sat May 27, 2023 11:00 am

Thank you Beer! I lost the helm right before I started a significant prayer grind. Haven't really thought about it since!



Just a small progress update to break up the post type! Since completing Song of the Elves, I have been focusing on doing slayer grinds, reaching 77 slayer and a 300 task streak. Slayer points I am finding are something a bit scarce; I tend to skip a lot of the less-optimal tasks such as Suqahs, kalphites, etc. that I would otherwise do on a main. I'm not quite sure what I'll spend them on rewards-wise moving forward outside of optimizing my block list and of course unlocking boss tasks moving forward.

Fe Azein (Ironman) Progression - Page 2 Slayer10

As I am inching my way closer to a whip, how I'll accomplish that is called into question. After some research, getting wild pies not only is hard without the rather high 85 cooking level (boostable from 80). I have read it can take anywhere from 300 to 500 pies to actually get the whip if you are not spooned - that being said, I think I'll just continue gradually grinding slayer as much as I can in my AFK time, and use my dragon scimitar to train strength exclusively during this task, as it is the best weapon for strength until future weapons. One thing I want to avoid with this account is engaging with content and cheesing it; I started bossing at nearly max melee on my main and while it's enjoyable I do like the idea of struggling a bit.


Going back to when I was getting gear upgrades, I had mentioned a berserker ring was next up on the list after a glory and a firecape. However, the Dagganoth Kings are not something I had ever done on my main or previous ironman, so it was entirely new and intimidating content. I was sitting on a daggonoth task, and with the help of Rakfaan I was able to start doing Rex! Now, to expound upon the stupid luck of this account (misplaced this time), this happened:

Fe Azein (Ironman) Progression - Page 2 Rex_ri10
Fe Azein (Ironman) Progression - Page 2 Rex10

Yeah, so to summarize those photos, in my second ever trip to Dag Kings, by KC 76 (so all within 30-40 kills of eachother), I got FOUR warrior rings. Four. They, like the b-ring, are 1/128. Also, you might notice two rock-shell items, one I received during that same inventory and one in the next trip. Those are also 1/128. So I ultimately got 6 1/128 items in 100 kills. What are the odds lol!

Questing & Clues:

One thing I have significantly invested in since the last post is questing, namely, doing all of the menial quests to the master quests I had remaining. If I recall, I was around 20 quests to the quest cape. Since then, I have done: A Porcine of Interest, A Tail of Two Cats, Devious Minds, Grim Tales, Made Friends with My Arm, My Arm's Big Adventure, Rag and Bone Man II, Scorpion Catcher, The Corsair Curse, The Garden of Death, and Troll Romance. Here are some of the banners:

Fe Azein (Ironman) Progression - Page 2 Questi10

The last thing is a little bit of luck, not necessarily an important item but interesting nonetheless. For my 48th hard clue casket, I received this, completing a full set of mis-matched God d'Hide.

Fe Azein (Ironman) Progression - Page 2 Hard4810
Fe Azein (Ironman) Progression - Page 2 Fe%20Azein-2-000000-FFA100-FFFFFF-000000-2-47-0

Fe Azein (Ironman) Progression - Page 2 YP5zkAJ

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Fe Azein (Ironman) Progression - Page 2 Empty Re: Fe Azein (Ironman) Progression

Post by Zemirek Tue Jun 27, 2023 11:44 am

Hahah that Rex (un)luck seems to be the same as mine! Very Happy

Nice progress and also thread! I like the form, keep it up Smile

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Fe Azein (Ironman) Progression - Page 2 Empty A Preview

Post by Azein Mon Oct 16, 2023 1:40 am

Update Preview:

So! I have been inactive on this post for the last five months; largely because of this:

Fe Azein (Ironman) Progression - Page 2 Cg_log10

This, including deaths, is around 180 hours of CG. I have a rather extensive backlog of updates on all of the previous grinds, some came to their conclusions, and some continue on. I have decided to camp CG until I get my ENH and level up my farming as I go, and so I will conclude this mini-update with a list of the stupid luck (or un luck I've had)

105- 6 armor seeds, 0 weapon seeds.
150- 6 armor seeds, 6 weapon seeds.
210- 9 armor seeds, 6 weapon seeds.
275- 13 armor seeds, 12 weapon seeds.
350- 15 armor seeds, 13 weapon seeds.
450- 19 armor seeds, 15 weapon seeds.

I will likely break future updates into CG and non-CG updates. Most of the updates occurred prior to the CG grind beginning (mid August), and the interim months between the last post have been spent on other skills, and leveling my combat skills up quite a bit. There have been some solid drops, and with the Bowfa, I can catapult the account into raiding and bossing finally. Until then!

Fe Azein (Ironman) Progression - Page 2 YP5zkAJ

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Fe Azein (Ironman) Progression - Page 2 Empty Re: Fe Azein (Ironman) Progression

Post by rootb Sun Oct 22, 2023 2:43 pm

Wow, that's quite the update. Did you make your crystal armor yet? Best of luck, hope an enhanced comes your way soon! At least you'll have plenty of shards to corrupt it straight away!

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Fe Azein (Ironman) Progression - Page 2 Empty Re: Fe Azein (Ironman) Progression

Post by Azein Tue Dec 12, 2023 11:21 pm

Thanks Root - yes, on acquiring 6 seeds and the requisite shards I made the armor pieces right away. I have some more updates on that below!

Major Progress Update:

Clanmates, we have, as of this post, a lot of progress to cover since my last large one. First, I must note that this post is going to be rather incomplete, as I had upgraded my computer early November and as a consequence, my Runelite drafts for my progress since that post was wiped, as was a lot of pictures. Thankfully, I saved some of it!

This post is liable to be massive. I'll split it up into three individual sections, the details within being collapsible for readability. I would encourage it if you enjoy seeing my thought process as I moved from content to content. Content regarding the Corrupted Gauntlet and major account progress will be left open to read (more recent).

Creating an Amulet of Fury & Completing a Barrows set:

The Fury:

The (Temporary) Quest Cape:


The Berserker Ring:

Berserker Ring & Dragon Axe:

The Tombs of Amascut:

I decided, with a host of new items (Blessed D-hide, RCB, higher range and magic levels), and with willing teammates, to try out TOA. There was however an ulterior motive as well; I wished to obtain a Dragon med helm for an elite clue requirement, and I figured it’d be a little more tolerable than doing Barrows (which I had been doing incessantly since I had access to it). I also had the pipe dream of a Fang, so I could do a whip skip, but this proved unfeasible. This was all done after the fury grind, as I had 85 crafting.

I am fairly sure it was KC 4, but I bore witness to my first purple; sadly not mine, and the photograph didn't catch the item appearing, but it was a Masori Mask.

Fe Azein (Ironman) Progression - Page 2 Toa_ma10

Also, I received an incredibly useful item, the Thread of Elidnis, which I am pretty sure I received on KC 11. Ironically, I also received (my second) D med helm.

Fe Azein (Ironman) Progression - Page 2 Thread10

The Zenyte Conundrum:

Now, having upgraded my offensive stats across the board over the months leading up to this, with the fury, barrows gloves, and berserker ring, I figured continuing the overarching goal of a slayer grind towards the whip (seeing as the fang was a pipe dream with my gear) would be wise.

Very shortly after this, I received a demonic gorillas task that was an utter misery to attempt, though, around 20 kc in, I received this…

Fe Azein (Ironman) Progression - Page 2 Zenyte10

If you had asked me if there was a piece of content prior to doing 20 kc of Demonic Gorillas that would have driven me to wanting to return to the crafting grind, you'd find me blanking. Now, though, it was clear. Because, after I received this Zenyte shard, I skipped my task and dilly dallied on other ones all the way up to 79 Slayer until I once again received an even larger task of 200. So I figured, why not go on a skilling journey to craft the Ring of Suffering - the most accessible Zenyte jewelry, barring the Anguish, which would require further hours of glass make. However, at this time I believe I only had 83 Magic, and was scratching my head for a way to a.) afford the runes required to level it, and b.) devise a method to train it besides egregiously boring methods. And so, to summarize, I was in a pickle. I will elaborate.

The Five Month Detour:

To enchant a Zenyte Ring, you require 92 magic, which is boostable from 87 with a +5, but actually from even lower levels with a +6-7 using Ancient Brews or Forgotten Brews. Around this time, I had recently reached 80 or so herblore - forgotten brews, requiring 91, were out of the question. Ancient brews however are a decently common drop from Zarosian spiritual mages, but those require 83 slayer to kill (I was ~77-79 at this time period). So no matter which way I go, it would either be 4 expensive magic levels, 5 very slow herblore levels, or 4 extremely slow slayer levels. Concurrently, I was training construction, which, alongside other account requirements (think Kingdom, other buyables, etc.) had drained by bank account dry from the ~700k steady cash stack I was able to hold to, if I recall the exact number at this time, around 63k.

What I did moving forward was use the healthy stack of chaos runes I had been building, grinded a lot of barrows out, and purchased the secondary onyx, and then crafted the Zenyte ring using the boost.

Fe Azein (Ironman) Progression - Page 2 Zenyte11

So, the first part is done. Now, I had been doing largely the same things on the account: that is, herblore, farming, slayer, and questing for months on end. I wouldn't say I was "burnt out" but I certainly lacked the desire to double down on any of these efforts, and I really wanted to craft that Zenyte. So I asked myself - what, given my accounts current progression, piece of content offers a.) lucrative drops b.) easy magic experience c.) furthers my accounts progression, and d.) rhymes with hell?


Now, as many of us know, this content is a crucible for an ironman. I entered into it without expectations of it being easy, and I certainly found it difficult and frustrating, but for different reasons. First, the greatest inhibitor to completion was by far preparation; not having a sufficient amount of fish, or T2 armor/T3 weapons can sink a run even if you're consistently getting Hunleff down to low HPs, but I am getting ahead of myself.

As was seen in a previous post, I had already achieved 1 KC regular gauntlet - I did in fact try CG, but found it more frustrating than enjoyable when I had other content at hand to do. Now however, I really had nothing holding me back from throwing myself into the red prison. Furthermore, I could train farming, and use Kingdom concurrently without it being a "distraction" - this would help with higher herb levels. What I found was that I would be experiencing the same type of unlucky luck as I had with Rex, but magnified by 10.

The First KC:

I would say I greatly struggled with Hunleff, but in truth it wasn't the worst thing in the world. Yes, the floor and tornadoes were overwhelming, and really did a number on me when I first got the red fox to Phase 3 (P3). However, I pushed him down to 60/1000 healthpoints by my 13th or so attempt, and only died to tornadoes. What I found, was that the chip damage from his attacks greatly sapped my food availability, combined with mistimed hits during tornado phases (and with the floors) which led to my close demise. It was not until 65 KC that I managed to kill him for the first time.

Each day that followed I'd practice consistently, getting more and more KC, until by around KC 5 I was rewarded for my efforts:

Fe Azein (Ironman) Progression - Page 2 First_10

And from there, I just kept on trucking along. Here's where it got kind of nuts:

Raiding The Armory:

105- 6 armor seeds, 0 weapon seeds.

150- 6 armor seeds, 6 weapon seeds.

210- 9 armor seeds, 6 weapon seeds.

275- 13 armor seeds, 12 weapon seeds.

350- 15 armor seeds, 13 weapon seeds.

450- 19 armor seeds, 15 weapon seeds.

Yes, by 105 KC, I had completed my Crystal Armor requirements; actually, I had 5/6 of the seeds by 50 kc. What was rather ludicrous was that by 450 KC, almost a 100 hours into the grind, I had a rate of 1/13 kc for a unique 1/50 drop. That's ludicrous luck in my eyes. Sadly, this luck would not persist, as it took another near 300 KC for me to further these numbers by much. In fact, 300 KC was also the perfect number to mention, as by KC 727, I got this very special item on a random, 1 am, dead tired, delirious and bored CG run:

Fe Azein (Ironman) Progression - Page 2 Collec18

That's right. In this time, which lasted from I would say late July to early December (5 months), putting in around a total grind time of 200ish hours if you include fails, doing a few KC each night after the first 300, I managed to get the ENH. One benefit to going dry at CG is the ludicrous amount of loot you obtain from it. By the way - when I hit 88 magic, I did make that Ring of Suffering! Here's where my log stands:

Fe Azein (Ironman) Progression - Page 2 Cg_log10

And here is around 2/3rds of the profits from doing CG (minus Bowfa); some loot was alched and used to fund fletching, construction, and further zenyte processing:

Fe Azein (Ironman) Progression - Page 2 Cg_ban10

And so ironically, my 60k cash stack turned into a 60m cash stack by the end of it all.

Post-CG activities and the fun along the way:

So, clearly obtaining the Bow of Faerdhinen presents probably the single largest gear upgrade the account can receive in its life time. It dramatically increases dps anywhere that range can be used, and unlocks several bosses that were inaccessible before (such as efficiency at TOA, unlocks chill Zulrah, makes many slayer tasks way easier). But, the bowfa was not the only positive to come from this. After all, I really just intended to use CG as a training ground for magic, which it certainly accomplished. In fact, it came with its own set of bonuses: namely, an egregious amount of gems that unlocked my next Zenyte tier, efficient use of miscellenia and farm runs resulting in 85 herblore, 90+ magic, and 90+ hitpoints, as well as 78-86 range, 82ish-89 strength, several woodcutting levels, several fishing levels, several cooking levels, and concurrently to all of this, the accounts first 99 - Farming!

Fe Azein (Ironman) Progression - Page 2 90_hp10
Fe Azein (Ironman) Progression - Page 2 90_mag10
Fe Azein (Ironman) Progression - Page 2 Crafti11
Fe Azein (Ironman) Progression - Page 2 Farmin12

Demonic Revenge:

So since receiving the Bowfa, which was around eight days ago, I think my best course of action is to resume what I was doing before. Naturally, I went and did some slayer; that's right, the 200 demonic gorillas had come back to bite me, but this time I was more geared. And it actually was a lot more tolerable! One switch, a defender and a weapon and a cape, rather than an entire armor switch, less accurate and slower weapon, made all the difference, and I blew through them all. Funnily enough, my first kill with them using the Bowfa gave me a 1 kc Zenyte shard. Later in the task, I managed to get 80 slayer  & a light ballista frame too - safe to say, I am pretty sure that's the RNG gods saying "alright you're on your own now".

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Zenyte #2, and Present:

So, having gotten a second Zenyte, I was hilariously low on chaos runes for this as I haven't really been back to Barrows. So using my cash stack I just bought all the runes, and in a very quick fashion used a mushroom pie to craft the amulet, and a magic potion to boost and create the Necklace of Anguish. Now all I really need is Ranger boots to complete the range gear for a long time.

Fe Azein (Ironman) Progression - Page 2 Curren10

So that's actually all caught up! Currently, I've been training construction, slowly grinding towards 82 to max out my house. At the same time, I've been doing pyramid plunder, which is actually the content I was doing right up and leading into CG alongside construction training - so really more of the same. I actually achieved this level back then, but it's where I'm at currently:

Fe Azein (Ironman) Progression - Page 2 85_thi10

Based on a plugin, I'm apparently in an extremely rare minority of players who have just not gotten a sceptre - all in all, I'd say I'm around 15-20 hours into doing it. I might pull a CG, and not do my nechrayel task until I can get this for an ancient altar in my POH. I hopefully will not take five months to do this.

Future plans:

So really if you look at it from a birds-eye perspective, my account goals have largely been to a.) get the quest cape b.) do SOTE and get the Bowfa and c.) get barrows gloves. I've achieved all of these goals, and that leaves the account in a little bit of a directionless space. I had lost a lot of the plans with the PC upgrade, but so far, here is what I have thought up. To summarize, new bosses, new item upgrades, slayer grinds to get said items, bosses for new BIS gear, and lots of skilling for achievement diaries:

Herblore Secondaries:

Item Upgrades:

New Bosses:

Achievement Diaries:

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Fe Azein (Ironman) Progression - Page 2 Summar10

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