New Player slayer advice?

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New Player slayer advice? Empty New Player slayer advice?

Post by DreadSupreme Fri May 08, 2020 8:23 pm

Hey guys so I decided to start playing again due to being out of work, I stopped playing on this account in 2016 but I have a decent amount of progress.
My slayer master is Chaeldar, im only at 38 Slayer with a CB of 80 with base stats of 70. Should I be aiming for a higher slayer master? I feel like the tasks im being given are under whelming. any and all advice welcome ive watching and read so many tutorials I think at this point I want to know peoples personal preference. Thanks Laughing

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New Player slayer advice? Empty Re: New Player slayer advice?

Post by Syllabic Fri May 08, 2020 8:45 pm

My vote would be to rush Nieve (85 combat requirement) as quickly as you can. Chaeldar has some rather lackluster tasks in my opinion, and Nieve should be better XP overall.

You could also go with Konar, if you want some extra cash. When doing a Konar task, each enemy has a chance of dropping a brimstone key (chance scales off of the combat level of the monster). Each brimstone key will allow you to get a random reward from the chest behind Konar, rolled off of this table:

Bear in mind, Konar's tasks are always locked to a specific area/dungeon, which will often restrict your ability to use your burst spells/dwarf cannon, slowing down certain tasks considerably. On the plus side, she gives more Slayer points per task than any master aside from Krystilia.

A good compromise would be to go to Konar every 10th task (known as a milestone), giving you a sizeable point boost. Most players I know seem to play this way, myself included.

Once you eventually hit 100 combat, I would then switch to Duradel, continuing to use Konar for every milestone.

Of course, this is all just personal preference FeelsOkayMan

New Player slayer advice? Ineeda10

New Player slayer advice? NuD0cpJ

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New Player slayer advice? Empty Re: New Player slayer advice?

Post by WeaknSilly Sat May 09, 2020 3:39 am

I pretty much agree with everything Syllabic said on this one.

Just gotta remember that slayer is slow so I think it's important to enjoy it. There's no point going all out trying to level it as fast as you can if you're just going to burn out at 85. The better, more enjoyable content for slayer comes at higher levels.

Once you get to the higher levels there are a few options you can use to make it feel a bit less grindy (it'll be slower xp but IMO more enjoyable) like the 'like a boss' or unlocking aviansies and doing Kree'ara instead of normal aviansies.

Don't be afraid to cannon a few tasks aswell, if you're looking to power through a bad task, slayer is very profitable and will pay you back.

Guess what I'm trying to say is enjoy the skill, this one is a goodie Smile.

New Player slayer advice? YP5zkAJ

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New Player slayer advice? Empty Re: New Player slayer advice?

Post by Marowana Fri May 15, 2020 11:50 am

Upgrade your slayer master as soon as you level up combat and if you keep getting bad tasks change your master. Range is pretty strong in the early levels I find and if you can afford it use cannon whenever necessary (even if it seems like over-kill). I do some farm runs in-between tasks to keep myself entertained, Basically if you can afford it in the early levels bling out on your gear and cannon until you are 60+

Some people like to do wilderness tasks but I stay far away from it.. Best of luck man and hope you make some updates on your progress!!

Oh and do those quests/mini-games to unlock all the important untradables you might need, They are very important!

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