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Boss Slayer? Empty Boss Slayer?

Post by Doc Meow Sun Jan 02, 2022 1:40 pm

Just wanted to get everyone's opinion on when I should unlock boss slayer, if at all? I currently sit at 102 combat with the following stats:
78 Attack
90 Strength
75 Defence
76 Ranged
62 Prayer
77 Magic
86 HP and 81 Slayer

The most bossing I have done up to this point is Barrows and about 50 Sarachnis kills, so my bossing knowledge is minimal. I'm an Ironman so I wouldn't be able to run out and get highest end gear, but do want to expand my bossing repertoire. Thanks friends!
Doc Meow
Doc Meow

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Boss Slayer? Empty Re: Boss Slayer?

Post by Magnesium J Sun Jan 02, 2022 2:46 pm

You might see about trying out a few of them when your on task for their lesser counterparts. try dag kings on dags, a kill or two of kbd on black drags, etc.

Id be inclined to say dont fiddle with it until youre a bit higher up, and ready to farm those bosses extensively. for the drops you want/need; and can take advantage of the extra damage since theyd be on task.
Magnesium J
Magnesium J

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Boss Slayer? Empty Re: Boss Slayer?

Post by EvanK-Hell Sun Jan 02, 2022 2:49 pm

Depends what boss's you wish to kill, most that have a decent loot require at least 85+ att/deff and 90+ str. Same goes with ranged and mage.

For bossing i'd suggest at least 70 prayer, if not 80, u'll have more space for food then.

Slayer is a decent money making way, keep rising your stats through it and you'll earn gold for gear you require for the big bosses. I'm sure you could already kill some of the money makers but don't rush it, with your current stats you'll end up having costly trips as you will be only able to kill 1 or maybe 2.

Boss Slayer? YP5zkAJ

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