WinterTodt Guide

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WinterTodt Guide

Post by Ninjaskillzc on Sat Nov 26, 2016 5:29 pm

Hello and welcome to my Wintertodt Guide. I’m splitting this into different sections. I am going to be hosting a clan event on this boss and I thought where better place to promote it than here!

Requirements: 50 FireMaking

What is Wintertodt & how do you fight it?

Wintertodt is a boss that is north of Zeah. To defeat it you need to use Bruma logs/kindling into the brazier (which needs to be lit). You need to assist the Pyromancer to subdue this boss. You light the brazier using a tinderbox which is at the area, an axe to chop the Bruma logs, a hammer to fix the brazier as every so often it breaks, damaging nearby players, and a knife to chop the logs, gives more points, but less experience/hour, but more experience per Bruma put into the brazier to damage the Wintertodt. If the Pyromancer floating in the orange robes gets defeated, you need to heal it by getting the herb around the east/west sides of the boss area, and then using it on the potion found in the crates, and then using that on the Pyromancer. It requires 50 Firemaking to do.

Getting there:
You get there by using the Games Necklace teleport to the Wintertodt Camp.

Equipment Setup:
Warm Clothing – Recommended: Full Clue Hunter Outfit, see my Crack-The-Clue post and I link the document of getting it there, or use the official Crack-The-Clue subreddit /r/cracktheclue . You can use Pyromancer (which is the best, but is a reward from the Wintertodt, and hunter gear such as Larupia works too, but there is a clue hunter cape, and there isn’t a hunter gear cape, not including the hunter skillcape of course Wink .

Item Setup:
A Dragon Axe/Rune Axe, a Tinderbox, a hammer, four Saradomin Brews(4) or so/other food (to heal your hitpoints), and a knife. The rest should really be free inventory space for the logs to put into the brazier to get the Firemaking experience and points and two Pyromancer healing potions, which will be talked about more later.

The Area:
Once you get through the Doors of Dinh you are in the Wintertodt’s Lair. There is a “protected” lair, this is where the item spawns are in the three crates, well, 3 on each side.

The red wizard’s hat show that the Pyromancer is dying and needs to be healed. The lonely burnt logs shows that the brazier needs to be re-lighted, the crossed hammer and chisel means that the brazier needs to be repairing with a hammer, the Firemaking logo means that the brazier is up and running, the Firemaking logo & red wizard’s hat means that the Pyromancer is dying and the brazier is still going – but will go out/break soon ect..

Point System:

Lighting the brazier - 25 points, used to start a game. Should always be lighted strait away.

Burning a Bruma Log – 10 Points. Gives less Firemaking than Bruma Kindling per one, but more experience/hour.

Burning a Bruma Kindling – 20/25 Points but at the expensive of it giving really bad fletching experience. Grants more Firemaking experience per one than a Bruma log, but less experience/hour due to the amount you can do in that time.

Fixing the Brazier – 25 Points, happens during the game. Gives construction experience, requires a hammer.

Once you have reached 500 Points you will have gained a reward crate and automatically two rolls onto the drop table when you open the crate. Every 500 points you gather after this is another item secured. Each point between the 500 barriers, you have a slight increasing chance of getting another roll, for example, at 750 points, you have a 50% chance of receiving that extra third roll onto the drop table.


The Start - If you have time once you are in the area, keep spam clicking the brazier in order to give yourself the easy 25 points strait off the bat (really helpful). It requires the tinderbox and gives the points to everyone that does it.

You struggling, bruh? - If you are not at 250 points by half way in the game (where the Wintertodt is at 50% health) and you don't have any Bruma logs/kindling in your inventory to put into the brazier, get that knife and start cutting to secure your base 500 points so you get that killcount and reward.

Healing potions - The rejuvinations potions that (I thought I already mentioned this lol) heal the Pyromancer keeping the brazier steady to subdue/defeat the Wintertodt. You get a nice sum of 25 points/heal and you can do this whenever his health bar IS NOT FULL  Very Happy .


Strait off the bat, the rewards have been nerfed unfortunately.

The Reward Crates - The crate mainly gives herbs, seeds, logs, raw sharks and random raw food now along with burnt pages for the tomb of fire, which gives a nice bonus for fire spells with magic and is tradeable for a fairly high price, with odds of 1 in 5000. You still make a decent profit with Wintertodt, and therefore I encourage you to do it.

Uncommon/Rare Rewards: Of course there is the Dragon Axe and Phoenix pet with a nice odds of 1 in 10000, and the 1/150 chance of getting the Bruma torch, 1/150 chance of getting the cosmetic warm gloves of the Pyromancer outfit, and 1/150 chance of the Firemaking bonus Pyromancer outfit that gives the burning logs Firemaking bonus.

Experience Gained: As well as this, when you finish a game, you will get a multiplier of 100x your Firemaking level as your end game experience if you reach at least the 500 points required. So, for example, if your Firemaking level is 90, you will receive 9000 experience, if you are level 57, you will receive 5700 Firemaking experience.

TIP WITH THE CRATES: To save inventory space, leave the crates unopened if you can until you are banking when the Wintertodt is subdued (defeated), so you can get more logs/kindling to put into the brazier at a time, meaning that you get more points per game.


Leaving mid-way through a game will mean you lose all your points and leaving in general means that your Pyromancer healing potions will also be automatically removed. Leave once you have defeated the boss and waiting for it to respawn!

Good luck!

Event Information:

The time/date hasn’t been decided yet.
Date: 03/12/16 (Sat 3rd December 2016)
Time: 2PM EST/ 7PM GMT
World: W314 or if that is taken then we will find a free world.

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions/corrections than please tell me!
~ Ninja

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Re: WinterTodt Guide

Post by Fe Faerie on Wed Nov 30, 2016 3:12 pm

"four Saradomin Brews(4) or so/other food (to heal your hitpoints"

Monks good enough?

OMgosh I forgot the most important part!!!!!! Thank you soo much for taking the time to write this for us all this'll be awesome.

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Re: WinterTodt Guide

Post by Kaninka on Thu Dec 01, 2016 5:31 am

@Fe Faerie wrote:"four Saradomin Brews(4) or so/other food (to heal your hitpoints"

Monks good enough?

OMgosh I forgot the most important part!!!!!! Thank you soo much for taking the time to write this for us all this'll be awesome.

A lot use brews since they are convient, 1 Sara brew is basically 4 monks in one spot.
But you can use food, you can also use the non-food option. Where you tele to Clan Wars after the game, run west to white portal, and go in, then use your games neck to teleport back to Wintertodt. In that way you don't use any food (Alot do this method, clan wars is always rushed my 100s of players after a game lol)

Nice guide, some comments:
- Kindling is 25 points each.
- Maybe make some order in the reward section, since at the moment you just got a wall of text, which for some can be hard to read.
- Maybe add some tipsNtricks, like if you get below 50% in the game, and you got below 250 points, fletch some kindlings and burn them until you are 100% sure that you will get 500 points before game is finished.
- Another tipsNtricks is to camp the Brazier 5sec before start and spam click it, to light it when game starts for that easy 25 points
- Another tipsNtricks is to get 2 unfinished rejuvanation vials before start, and then after lighting a brazier, go pick 2 herbs and make 2 pots. Most people are slackers and don't carry pots, so easy points for you, 2 vials = 200 points if you use all.
- Maybe add some colours/bold text to the section titles, to make it look nicer and more clean Smile
- Maybe add some pictures of you wearing the different outfits which are good to use in the minigame Smile
- Item Setup is short and to the point, which is good

Smile bounce


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Re: WinterTodt Guide

Post by Ninjaskillzc on Fri Dec 02, 2016 1:43 pm

@Kaninka added the improvements I could, thanks, thought I already had a few of the tNt mentioned lol! ah well they are there now. The colours look misplaced and strange I don't like em ;'( lol it at least is sorta-readable and stands out haha for the event, didn't know where else to put em. Thanks for reading & giving improvements Very Happy

~ Ninja.

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Re: WinterTodt Guide

Post by ladybird2 on Mon Dec 05, 2016 11:18 am

Great guide,its clear you put a a lot of work in to it, and it was just perfect for me to get an understanding of what was needed and what to expect, I am pleased so many attended the event and only sorry I wasn't able to join you. Keep up the good work:flower: rendeer

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Re: WinterTodt Guide

Post by Agdal on Mon Dec 05, 2016 6:18 pm

Used this guide when I first entered Wintertodt and everything was perfectly clear! Smile

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