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Hello All,

This is a letter I’ve dreaded writing, and it pains me to do so, but the time has come. After owning the clan for over three years, meeting thousands of members, and developing close friendships with many, it is time I pass along this experience to others.

Effective October 15th, Greybird and Runtellthat4 will become the new co-owners of the clan. Although they will be running the daily operations, I will remain an Advisory General to the clan.

Even though this sounds like a major change, much will stay the same. The values, rules, and culture of the clan will remain unchanged.

Because of advancements in my career, I have been unable to put enough time into running this clan, like a proper leader would. I will not be quitting; just playing less. I will still find time to log on, so friendships are not destroyed. I will actively continue to check and moderate the offsite, so that is a great place to keep in touch.

Although I will no longer be as active in the clan, I will still be thinking of you all. Looking back, I can recount hundreds of memories, memories that will stick with me forever. I hope through this clan, you’ve all created friendships and memories, and have found a reason to make this clan your home. If you’re a newcomer, I hope you stick with this clan, as I can guarantee you it’ll have a positive impact on your life.

Because my emotions are starting to kick in, I will begin to wrap up this letter, before I shed too many tears.

I want you all to know that the past three years have arguably been the best three years of my life. Living alone, there’s no better feeling than logging on and being surrounded by a group of friends - family-like friends - willing to socialize, chat, listen, and brighten my mood.

I wish every one of you the best in life. From the chats I’ve had with many of you, I can say with complete confidence: the members of OSRS Advice are some of the brightest-minded, friendliest, most considerate and humble individuals I have had the pleasure of meeting.

May OSRS Advice continue to thrive under new ownership.

Best wishes in your future life endeavors,


King of Rune - 60M OSRS Bigdog1470 - 85M EOC Greybird - $133.37

I - Respect ALL clan members, regardless of rank, age, or opinions.
II - Follow ALL Jagex Rules.
III - No drug or illicit activities chat within the clan chat.
IV - Trust other clan members at your own risk
V - No vulgar, hate speech, or crude remarks.
Vl - No merching fellow clan members.
VII - No multi-clanning.
VIII - No causing or encouraging drama within the clan chat.
IX - No trolling or immaturity.
X - No luring or taking advantage of other clan members.
XI - No spamming.
XII - No begging.
XIII - Limited trading within the clan chat. Take trades to PM.
XIV - If loaned an item, you MUST give it back when asked for.
XV - Please try to play on our clan worlds, W314 or W317.
XVI - Please do not talk about banned members. They have been removed for good reason.
XVII - Please do not accuse or fight with other members over disputes in the clan chat. Take them to the PM and if they are not resolved, to a rank or myself.
XVIII - There will be NO pking of clan mates, unless it is an organized fight. You wouldn't slaughter your family in real life, would you?
XIX - Absolutely NO talk of TeamSpeak, as it causes Drama
The ranks of OSRS Advice reserve the right to kick members at their own discretion. These ranked officials are promoted based on their maturity and ability to handle situations. They will follow through on enforcing these rules at their own interpretation of the rules.
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