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Looking forward to meeting you all Empty Looking forward to meeting you all

Post by GhxstRunner Sun Mar 03, 2024 7:50 am

Hey all!

My IGN is GhxstRunner, but you can call me Ghost or Ghostrunner. I'm pretty much brand new to OSRS and I've been having so much fun progressing through the early game. For some of my notable recent achievements, I've unlocked my full graceful set, got a few solid money makers and hit my first few mil GP, I've just unlocked fairy rings, I'm sitting at around 120 quest points, and I've just hit 1000 total levels! Next up on my goal list is to focus on questing and work towards barrows gloves and eventually quest cape.

I know I have so much more ahead of me, and my journey in the game is just getting started, so I'm on the lookout for ways to make my journey more social and meet some friends who also enjoy playing this awesome game. As you can see, I'm still really new and don't have many of the late game PVM stuff, but I'm working towards that and I'm hoping to join you all as soon as I can!

On that note, I do have some questions. What would be the best way to get involved socially as a newer player? I'm very active on discord and I'll be keeping an eye out on conversations there and begin to participate, but as far as in-game options go, is there anything I can partake in at around my level? What about out-of-game events? Does the clan host events for things outside of OSRS? I've seen a helldiver role in there and I'd love to join some of you guys in some Helldivers 2 missions if thats a thing! But yeah, feel free to drop any advice on making friends in the clan!

As far as who I am out of game, I am 24, I'm a software engineer, I love sports (mainly Hockey, Florida Panthers fan), and I love motorcycles (sports bikes in particular, ride a 2021 Ninja ZX6R). Feel free to talk to me about any of those topics Smile

Hoping to see you all in clan chat, on the forums, and the Discord.

Ghost out.

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Looking forward to meeting you all Empty Re: Looking forward to meeting you all

Post by RedIrishTank Sun Mar 03, 2024 2:24 pm

Welcome GhxstRunner!

Sounds like you are starting out pretty strong as being new to the game! Honestly that is great work! Fairy ring is a big game changer when it comes to getting around on here. Keep up the great work! You are on the road for great success I promise you that!

To best answer your question on how to get involved more, I would recommend. Talking in cc with others being friendly. Participating in social events when you can. Some you might not be able do completely at your level but it never hurts to try. We always have a skill of the week going on, they start on a Sunday and end some where around  7-8 days later, except for the twice a year group skilling competiton.  You can always tag along with the clan members whiling doing a pvm or mini game. Some of the other clan members probably will have a lot more to add to your question but that should get you started : )

I hope that helped you out! Glad to see you joined OSRSADVICE feel free to make it your home!

Looking forward to meeting you all YP5zkAJ

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Looking forward to meeting you all Empty Re: Looking forward to meeting you all

Post by To End Mon Mar 04, 2024 3:55 am

Welcome GhxstRunner, and welcome to Runescape! You are absolutely off on a great start with your account. Graceful and fairy rings are huge quality of life improvements! Barrows gloves are another excellent goal that will set you off on a great start for your account.

I don't have a ton of advice on the social role as I'm definitely more of an introvert, but my main piece of advice is to join up in the clan chat whenever you're playing. There's always people hanging out and all sorts of conversations going on. Whether you're actively involved in the conversation or just hanging back and observing it's a great way to get to know the clan and its members. As you get to know people I think you'll naturally find more opportunities to connect with people and make new friends here!

Again welcome, and see you around! Smile
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Looking forward to meeting you all YP5zkAJ

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Looking forward to meeting you all Empty Re: Looking forward to meeting you all

Post by shopferix Mon Mar 04, 2024 1:02 pm

Heya GhxstRunner and welcome to the clan and offsite!

Well first off some advice, if you are going for barrows gloves and then Quest Cape, keep an eye on your achievement diaries, hard diaries lines up well level requirement wise to Quest Cape. Second piece of advice, use the OSRS Wiki, it is such a wealth of information, and don't be afraid to ask questions!

As for how to socialize here...my advice is jump right into it, everyone here has been more than welcoming since I have joined. As for HellDivers, try messaging the #other-games discord channel, that is where you should find some other like minded gamers.

All the best on your OSRS adventure, see you around!

Looking forward to meeting you all YP5zkAJ

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