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Introduction: Gojira7-6 Empty Introduction: Gojira7-6

Post by Guest Tue Jun 07, 2022 7:41 pm

Greetings, this is Gojira7-6, i’m objetively a new player in this game. I was drawn to it by a previous relationship so we could play together, but people come and go, and so the relationship ended, and i didn’t wanted to play alone so i quit.

Recently, i decided to play again all by my own, but it’s quite lonesome and depressing so i went to google and literally wrote “OSRS social friendly CC” and this one was the frist option to pop up.

I’ve been lurking and talking a bit on the CC and i must say i’m liking it so far, it feels welcoming and people are and nice and respectful.

I like to be social, but i’m not a good talker so be patient with me.

I’m looking forward for the possibility of joining, so i’ll do my best to become better, learn much more about this game and prove my worth.

Thanks for your attention.
Lots of love, Gojira7-6.
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Introduction: Gojira7-6 Empty Re: Introduction: Gojira7-6

Post by EvanK-Hell Wed Jun 08, 2022 2:14 am

Welcome to the clan Smile

Our clan is one of the chillest mature'st communities you could have found, you'll fit in very well. If you have any questions about the game, don't hold back.

I'm a quiet one as well, mostly bumping the recruitment thread or say gz to people's achievements but the more you talk and read in our chat, the more you open up.

Make sure you check out our discord, most of the clan weekly and monthly events are shared there and many fun topics to join.

And as well try your luck in our off site monthly lottery, you'll be able to win some coin and some fun clan rewards.

To join our weekly skill of the week competition, sign up here. Skill of the week voting happens in the discord.

Love your fashionscape Razz

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Post by Razerbacks Wed Jun 08, 2022 6:46 am

Welcome! Keep coming and hanging out in the CC! Plenty of people to talk to no matter what activity you are doing! Hope to see you around!

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Introduction: Gojira7-6 Empty Re: Introduction: Gojira7-6

Post by Purple Dude Wed Jun 08, 2022 8:45 am

Welcome to the Clan Gojira Very Happy
I agree that playing without any social aspect can feel pretty lonely, the few times I have done it have seemed so quiet xD
Even if you don't talk much, just having a conversation to follow while others talk can make it a bit more fun to play Smile

Also for official rank, you don't need to give advice, receiving is fine too Razz, being active in chat or coming to events is the main method.
So although it can be challenging to talk much, try to join some conversations in the chat every once in a while, we don't bite ! Very Happy

If you have any questions to how joining works or how ranks or clan work etc, all Mods(Hammer, Star, Key Icons) generally have their private chat on "on" always, although some Mods have it on "friends"(you know who you are!), most of us have PM open Very Happy

Seeya ingame Smile bounce

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Purple Dude
Purple Dude

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Introduction: Gojira7-6 Empty Re: Introduction: Gojira7-6

Post by shopferix Wed Jun 08, 2022 9:41 am

Hello and welcome to the clan and offsite Gojira!
It takes all kinds to make a clan! I am more than certain you will fit in just fine! Our bark is always worse than our bite Very Happy All the best and hope to see you around!

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Introduction: Gojira7-6 Empty Re: Introduction: Gojira7-6

Post by KingNightfury Thu Jun 09, 2022 4:03 pm

welcome to the offsite!

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