M0billeUIM's not-so-ultimate goals

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M0billeUIM's not-so-ultimate goals Empty M0billeUIM's not-so-ultimate goals

Post by M0bileUIM Mon May 10, 2021 4:59 pm

Hello everyone! M0bile here with a list of goals I want to achieve. I am making this list for two reasons:

1. To help me track everything I want to do.
2. Do update you lovely people on the progress I make.

I have a tenancy to get easilly distracted or to forget what I was going to do after finishing a day or two of grinding something, so I'm hoping that this tracker will help keep me on the right path. Without further adieu, let's get into the goals!

Long term goals:
-Get Quest Point Cape
-Finish all Hard diaries (not widerness)
-Having the abiliity to grind Zulrah
-Be able to participate in raids

Gear Goals:
-Serp Helm


-MA1/MA2 Capes
-Ava's Assembler

Ahrims robetop

Ahrims robe bottoms



Stats goals: (Start||Current||Goal)
-Attack: 76||76||80
-Strength: 87||87||90
-Defense: 75||75||80
-Ranged: 86||86||90
-Magic: 83||83||90
-Prayer: 63||70||70
-Runecrafting: 61||61||66
-Construction: 70||70||82
-Agiliity: 74||76||76
-Herblore: 71||71||83
-Crafting: 79||86||86
-Slayer: 75||76||87
-Fishing: 79||82||82
-Cooking: 77||80||80

-Farming: 79||79||83

Currently grinding: Barrows: chaos runes for 2 onyx gems and ahrims.
《Barrows loot tracker》
-guthans Helm
-guthans chain skirt
-Karil coif

Next grind: Slayer/combat stats

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