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I have me some goals! Empty I have me some goals!

Post by ImLoisBTW Sun Jun 14, 2020 9:11 pm

Hey everyone! I only started playing recently, so my achievements and goals might seem a bit small at the moment, but I've just got my fighters torso (big thanks to everyone who helped, was a big learning curve) and I literally just wanted to brag about it lol... So yay me!? This and my Iban Staff are the two main things I've managed to achieve so far, I've had a lot of fun getting them too.

My next goal is to get all the void armour from pest control, which so far seems easy, just long:

Void Top
Void Bottom
Mage Helm
Melee Helm
Range Helm

After I get full void, the main aim is to go to barrows and get every drop I can! I'm not gonna put the list here yet, cause it's long and I can't even do barrows properly with my current stats, but I will have a log here when it's time. Very Happy wish me luck!

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I have me some goals! Empty Re: I have me some goals!

Post by Syllabic Mon Jun 15, 2020 2:02 am

Ayy, you got the torso! That's huge progress. I still don't have one and I'm Lvl 118 combat, haha. Excellent idea getting that out of the way early. Both the Fighter torso and Iban's are going to be useful for a good while

Also a smart idea to get Void completed sooner rather than later. Another pretty necessary piece of content that I've yet to obtain myself! It's more situationally useful than the other gear you mentioned, but you'll likely find it very helpful down the line for Vorkath and (learning) Zulrah, once you start getting into PvM a bit Smile Is your plan to use it at Barrows as well, then? Haven't seen it used there all that much myself, but according to the Wiki it does have some utility. Would also be helpful to look into getting the stats for the Morytania Hard Diary eventually. That'll increase your rune drops at Barrows substantially, which means a lot more profit/hr FeelsOkayMan

Be sure to keep updating us! Always nice to see threads like this. Does a lot to keep you motivated, but often others as well.

I have me some goals! Ineeda10

I have me some goals! NuD0cpJ

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I have me some goals! Empty Re: I have me some goals!

Post by Tinnitus Mon Jun 15, 2020 2:59 am

Hey Lois,

Congrats on getting the torso! It's as good as the BCP offensively, but lacks the defensive bonus - but either way, it doesn't cost 20m and is an AWESOME item to have!

Good luck with the barrows and pest control grind as well! I need to grind out some PC and get my void -- maybe I'll have to join you Very Happy

I also agree with that Syll said - If possible, complete the Morytania hard diary before starting barrows because you'll get basically double runes from the rewards chest and will rack up a ton of money not including the actual barrows items. I did about 400 chests before I completed the hard diary and regret it. If you don't have the stats for the diary, it is some good motivation to train up your skills =p.

Looking forward to seeing your progress updates!

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I have me some goals! Empty Re: I have me some goals!

Post by twobviku Tue Jun 16, 2020 3:40 pm

These are amazing goals! Don't ever worry about if a goal seems big or small! We need both to be able to get through the sometimes tedious grinds! Personally I try to always set both Small, Medium and Big goals for myself. But they are all very valid!

Edit: Congrats on the Torso! Very Happy

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I have me some goals! Empty Re: I have me some goals!

Post by This Land Wed Jun 17, 2020 4:38 am

Excellent progress so far Lois, looking forward to hearing about your achievements moving forward!

Barrows is a fun grind for the most part and a good way of getting settled into needing more than one attack style for a boss, or in this case, a set of bosses! Pretty good money too if you start getting the right drops as duplicates Smile

Wishing you all the best of luck!!

Side note: You should definitely hit up the 'Profile' section on the offsite and select your flag to join us in representing the British community we have here in the clan! Obviously it isn't a requirement at all haha but it's always nice to see the British flag flying high and proud on the offsite Very Happy Very Happy
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