Another update on personal goals - after the compass capes, the red cape

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Another update on personal goals - after the compass capes, the red cape Empty Another update on personal goals - after the compass capes, the red cape

Post by OmniRick Sat Feb 06, 2021 12:47 am


About 7 months ago, I reached the milestone of the diary cape, as seen here

I had intended to start focusing more on PvM to diversify my activities, but shortly after I decided that I preferred to focus on obtaining total level 2277 as soon as possible instead. The variety of skilling would have to suffice while I chased another cape.

This goal has been achieved today:
Another update on personal goals - after the compass capes, the red cape 2021-010

I'm quite pleased with myself, but still it honestly took longer than I expected, I had hoped to be done by 2020; but I would have to have taken more high effort training options that aren't always a possibility or adequate for how I want to play.

I'd like to thank the team running Skill of the Week for a few of the skilling milestones, from my first 99, Thieving, achieved during a SotW in Jan/2020, to later Hunter and Agility.

During the time since I got the diary cape I added 2 new pets to my Menagerie: Rift Guardian, and Tangleroot (which was obtained at about 15,9m xp). Far less pets than those gained up to the previous cape, but also a lot less opportunities since I didn't take to boss slayer. The golem and pet rock were friendly for a time, but they're no longer on speaking terms again.

I now have no new levels to gain, and need a different approach to setting goals.
I'll discard for the moment the seemingly most popular post-max path that is burnout.
I have toyed with the idea of starting on ironman mode, another common post-max path, but I don't think it's something I'd want to focus for a long while, as I have so much left to do.
I've also considered post-99 skilling. It seems entirely pointless, as I don't care for hiscore ranks, however there is some skilling that I enjoy doing. And there is some skilling that I still have to do because...
I'm interested in completionism: pets, clues, collection log. Filling my POH with all the items it can store, including all different variations of graceful outfit.
I'm also interested in a Zarosian uprising. But that's not something I can do by myself right now.

PvM is now inevitable. Slayer bosses and raids are on the horizon. Bosses have most of the pets I'm missing. Complete raid logs require a lot of time, so the sooner I get started, the better.
Inferno cape is an as-yet unmet goal, and I'm aware of the steep learning curve, which isn't made easier to someone who doesn't regularly engage in PvM, but it is nonetheless a challenge to tackle.
16 Master clues and I've seen no Mimic either, that also has to change.

Still, as with the path that led me here, I'll set goals and milestones to keep me focused and to switch around incase I start to feel drained due to my current grind.
My short term goals are as follows:
  • Obtain 4k crystal shards, to turn super combat potions made during the herblore grind into divine versions. These shards will be from Zalcano and Gauntlet, as I've done enough rooftops for the time being.
  • Start raiding and bossing regularly, I'll have to think of a reasonable daily/weekly goal to set for myself
  • Resume Slayer, now with a focus on bosses instead of xp
  • Start learning Inferno

I'll be answering requests for Barbarian Assault more often now that I'm not pressuring myself into meeting xp goals, and I'll be doing a round of Trouble Brewing every other day with whomever wants or needs to participate. I need a flag.

I'll also keep plotting that Zarosian uprising.

I think I have enough to keep me busy for a while.

Thanks for reading. Look into the word of Zaros.


Another update on personal goals - after the compass capes, the red cape YP5zkAJ

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