New rule regarding languages among the clan.

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New rule regarding languages among the clan. Empty New rule regarding languages among the clan.

Post by Bear on Fri May 08, 2020 4:41 pm

Hello friends,

Due to recent events, I must clarify what was once an unwritten, common-sense rule, due to concerns of racism.

Our clan is, and always has been, a primarily English-speaking clan. Our members and moderators come from all across the world, and none of us expect everyone to understand each other's native languages, so we mutually agree on English for the sake of uniformity and clarity.

In the past, varying languages have been used here and there when the chat is slow. Maybe someone is actively discussing/learning the usage of another language, maybe it's a brief exchange of "tusen takk" and "bare hyggelig", maybe it's someone who simply doesn't know.

For short usages, it often comes and goes, but when half the chat is in English and the other half is in another language, supporting two separate conversations in two separate languages for a period of time, it can get both distracting and confusing. More importantly, I can't guarantee that each of our moderators speak each of your languages, but I can guarantee that each of them speak English and can enforce our rules in it.

We have also had plenty of members, current and past, think they can get around rules, such as our cursing rule, by cursing in another language. We've even had members go on entire offensive tirades in another language. Yes, we have indeed had people try to scam members in an entirely different language because they figured the moderators didn't speak it and therefore couldn't warn the victim/remove the scammer.

If I'm the only moderator in the chat at the time, I don't speak French and therefore can't moderate what you're saying if you start speaking French. Swap this out with any other moderator and any other language. This again comes back to the fact that I know each of our moderators speak English well enough to enforce our rules.

So, for the sake of clarity among our members, as well as filtering and moderating purposes, our preferred language of the clan is indeed English. This isn't a warning of "if you dare utter a word outside of English, you will be immediately kicked and subsequently banned!", but if a moderator asks you to take it to pm or switch to English, please don't be difficult.

This is not because we're racist. This is not because we dislike whichever country your language/dialect comes from. This is purely from a clarity and moderation standpoint.

Should you have any questions or concerns, you are free to contact me directly either via PM here, in-game, or Discord listed below:

RSN: Bearrows / OSRS Advice
Discord: Bearmageddon#1066

Thank you for your understanding.

Bear Wave



AKA Papa Bear

AKA Bearrows


New rule regarding languages among the clan. LsUgJso

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