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Post by Unluckyfish Thu May 16, 2019 2:32 pm

hello all,

RSN: Unluckyf1sh

I started playing OSRS when mobile was released on android. I play both PC and mobile. I have been playing MMO's since 1999(EQ). I have been looking for an active community to play OSRS with since I have started, with no luck. I'm currently deployed to Germany(Army) so my play times are Euro'ish. Hit me up!! I play everyday

As for goals.... I can't seem to stick with skills lol I really want to find a decent way to make gold to pay for bonds.
I was grinding Slayer(currently 59) cuz I love combat and I heard you can make gold that way.
lately I have been barb fishing, trying to figure out my life. =D

I look forward to learning and trying to find endgame.


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newish to OSRS Empty Re: newish to OSRS

Post by Moon Light Thu May 16, 2019 3:47 pm

Hey man! Fellow European here, I live a little to the north-east of you Very Happy. Very happy to have you here. There are plenty of guides on youtube or on reddit that show you how to maintain a bond, I recommend you check some of them out!

Make sure you post here for a smiley rank in cc!

See you around! Smile

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Moon Light
Moon Light

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newish to OSRS Empty Re: newish to OSRS

Post by HPLove Thu May 16, 2019 3:52 pm

Hi and welcome to the clan Smile

There are quite a few ways how to go about earning enough for a bond, there was a tread made in general discussion with the same question not too long ago. There were quite a few replies with some tips.
However, if you can afford the membership, I'd say just focus on enjoying the game and don't stress yourself about the bonds. Later on at higher levels you will be earning coins whether you want it or not and affording a bond will not feel like you have to spend your play time "working" for one. Smile
Cya in the cc

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