Warding - Opinions?

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Warding - Opinions?

Post by Azein on Sun Oct 07, 2018 12:50 am

Warding was announced to be the next polled skill. It involves aspects of magic, runecrafting, and serves essentially as a crafting system for magic armor. 

What do you think warding should include? What announced parts of it do you not like? 

I'm very interested to see how it would effect things such as bar prices, considering that you can break down armors into their constituents. It also mentioned things such as rings with skilling perks, which in my opinion sounds a bit like the old RS2/RS3 skilling necklaces, but it could be interesting to see how this skill could tie in and benefit other skills at higher levels, like farming, or runecrafting.

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Re: Warding - Opinions?

Post by ladybird2 on Sun Oct 07, 2018 7:33 am

as a player who only does what they enjoy, I am open minded. It may be something people love in the end, like agility, runecrafting, other things I don't like at all, there will still be loads of things to do, and if it appeals to some..fair enough. As for the state of the economy, I only let that affect me in real life, and I have no power to make the changes either there or on here......i'll have to let Jagex make their own judgement and tweaks on the economy.... having enough gp to do what I want suits me fine, a big cash stack , is just that and pretty useless, doesn't earn interest, doesn't have any benefits..........to some its the holy grail, others stake it, buy 99's, there is plenty in this game for everyone. At the end of the day its pixel money. I just hope what ever gets released is fun.

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Re: Warding - Opinions?

Post by God Bu Bu on Mon Oct 08, 2018 1:09 am

Personally I'm cool with or without the new skill. Of course, I do hope the community will suggest interesting content to make any new skill more interesting or fun to train.

Then again getting maxing any skill is still a grind thus some of us see it more as a chore especially for some of the max cape holders. Others will probably use the new skill as a boost for total level to get into the 2k world.

Economy wise, to add on what LB has mentioned, Jagex has the statistics which allow  them to make a better decision on how the economy should move ahead. I do see some potential item sink mechanics with Warding. It is also a good control on the amount of gold coming into the game from high alchemy as well. Like many of us, I certainly do want to prevent items from being devalue over time due to influx of gold.

Depending on how we utilize the skills; smithing, crafting and warding might just do really well for the Gauntlet (PVM content requiring players to start from scratch with no weapons or armour.)

In any case, I do hope there is sufficient content relevant for new players to mid and end game with the introduction of any new skill.

Below is a link to OSRS website regarding the skill and updates.
RuneFest 2018: OSRS Reveals
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Re: Warding - Opinions?

Post by CarryAlex on Tue Oct 09, 2018 9:00 am

I feel after all the reddit posts, most people including myself are a lot more open to the idea of warding, I just feel it should come with a new gathering skill instead of farming. This new skill is allowing people to realize that the game doesnt need to be stuck in 2007 and it isn't due to the new raids, bosses, zeah and even quests.

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Re: Warding - Opinions?

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