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Runelite - Chat Notifictions, Ground items, NPC indicators Empty Runelite - Chat Notifictions, Ground items, NPC indicators

Post by omg_i_p on Wed Oct 03, 2018 7:57 pm is the offical website to download RuneLite, be on the lookout for similar-looking websites such as runelite.[2 letters].net or runelite.[other domain] or[other domain]

Mostly just a text dump of my highlight lists for runelite, You might find these useful if you've just got into third party clients and don't have your own lists set up.

All these lists are comma-separated, and an asterisk * acts as a wildcard (any character/s), so "Shop*" would highlight everything starting with "Shop", including "Shopkeeper" and "Shop Assistant"

Chat Notifications

Highlights the text in the chatbox, to the colour you've set in [Chat Color], make sure you're changing the right option (the options for transparent chat box are further down in [Chat Color]). Has the added benefit of recolouring all text after the highlighted phrase to the default (white for transparent background). This is useful for recolouring text that cannot be recoloured with the [Chat Color] plugin (GE notifications, clue completion messages) and are hard to read with transparent chat box.

Also add variations of your username to this list to cover all ways people could refer to you.

These must be purely comma-separated, and cannot be spaced out with new lines.

grand exchange: finished buying, Grand exchange: sold, Grand exchange: bought, you have completed, your treasure is worth around, received a drop, empty and weeded, not been treated

Ground items

Personally I don't like using the "Hide < Value" option in [Ground items], as many useful untradeable items have a low High Alch value. The options further down in the [Ground items] menu also allow you to add highlights for items worth more than certain amounts, so my highlight list is mostly untradeables or low-value but useful items.

Holding the ALT key will add + and - buttons next to items on the ground, that you can use to highlight or hide that item. Doing so will also add the items to your hide/highlight list.

Highlighted items:

basilisk*,kq*,Cockatrice*,*skull half,ancient shard,*champion scroll,Suqah tooth,giant key,totem*,prayer potion(1),*bone,Crawling*,Looting bag,Ecumenical Key,*sceptre,clue*,Vorkath*,Kurask*,KBD*,mossy key,abyssal*,dark totem*

Hidden items:

Click here to expand (it's long):

Mort myre fungus,Seaweed,Guam leaf,*herring,Vial,Damaged armour,Vampire dust,Rabbit snare,Raw chicken,Bowl,Brass necklace,Attack potion(3),Hardleather body,Bone bolts,Blue dragon scale,Bronze sword,Raw salmon,Raw shrimps,Raw anchovies,Swamp toad,Bronze full helm,Opal bolt tips,Tuna,Pot,Wildblood seed,Bat bones,Sulliuscep cap,Bronze scimitar,Black sq shield,Bronze dart,Caviar,Bird snare,Stone seal,Asgarnian seed,Ashes,Beer,Raw pike,Willow roots,Dagannoth hide,Chocolate dust,Steel full helm,Feather,Jug,Right eye patch,Pirate boots,Barbed arrow,Leaping salmon,Iron pickaxe,Watermelon,Onion seed,Mushroom,Oyster pearls,Iron full helm,Mourner gloves,Adamant battleaxe,Bronze sq shield,Steel axe,Xerician fabric,Peaceful handegg,Leather gloves,Needle,Whiteberry seed,Empty cup,Guam tar,Burnt fish,Javelin shaft,Red egg,Water rune,Tarromin seed,Rusty sword,Grimy guam leaf,Numulite,Fishing bait,Steel med helm,Nature talisman,Broad bolts,Gold ring,Iron dagger,Pyrophosphite,Wolf bones,Iron axe,Mithril dart,Yanillian seed,Limpwurt seed,Stone statuette,Mourner cloak,Leather boots,Jute seed,Bow string,Dust rune,Leaping trout,Pottery statuette,Acorn,Suqah hide,Sweetcorn seed,Earth rune,*pike,Raw sardine,Grimy marrentill,Iron spear,Gricoller's fertiliser,Mushroom spore,Raw bird meat,Stony basalt,Noose wand,Goblin mail,Fried mushrooms,Shrimps,Stew,Harpoon,Pie dish,Plank,Empty spice shaker,Steel battleaxe,Bass,Iron sword,Iron ore,Potato seed,Iron dart,Burnt bones,Irit seed,Weeds,Orange tree seed,Grimy harralander,Mithril spear,Mithril kiteshield,Guam seed,Blunt arrow,Leaping sturgeon,Silver bar,Bread,Gas mask,Mourner trousers,Empty plant pot,Bronze arrow,Broken arrow,Trout,Babydragon bones,Black sword,Blue egg,Rope,Bucket,Cosmic talisman,Steel kiteshield,Burnt swordfish,Lobster pot,Magic staff,Grimy tarromin,Ugthanki kebab,Cowhide,Iron med helm,Nasturtiums,Adamant brutal,Mind rune,Steel scimitar,Monkey bones,Mourner top,Cadavaberry seed,Mourner boots,Burnt shrimp,Raw beef,Steel 2h sword,Jangerberry seed,Stone scarab,Beer glass,Iron kiteshield,Potato cactus,Lizardman fang,Raw tuna,Iron platebody,Bronze axe,Strawberry seed,Maple shortbow,Raw mackerel,Defence potion(3),Burnt lobster,Hammerstone seed,Old notes,Bronze mace,Pot of flour,Chaotic handegg,Cabbage seed,Bronze longsword,Ensouled goblin head,Black axe,Raw trout,Mithril plateskirt,Banana tree seed,Apple tree seed,Raw chompy,Bronze bolts,Unlit torch,Roe,Copper ore,Anchovies,Longbow,Banana,Bronze dagger,Waterskin(4),Steel dagger,Arctic pine logs,Green egg,Bailing bucket,Harralander seed,Mind talisman,Leather body,Doogle leaves,King worm,Bones,Crossbow string,Bronze spear,Egg,Logs,Calcite,Chompy bird hat,Holy handegg,Antipoison(2),Iron arrow,Steel mace,Bullet arrow,Marrentill seed,Goblin book,Teasing stick,Small fishing net,Field arrow

NPC Indicators

These highlight the NPC with a colour of your choosing, Personally I use the "Hull" Highlight style, which highlights the whole hitbox.
"south west tile" Highlight Style is useful for cannoning larger monsters.
"Show respawn timer" is very useful for bosses you've highlighted, as it counts down the time to respawn in 0.1 second increments, more accurate (and visible) than the [Boss Timers]  plugin.

These highlights are mostly highlighting the NPCs for farm runs (not allotments or bushes), with some bosses thrown in.

shop keeper, shop assistant,grum,lowe,aubury,Shantay,gem trader,herquin,seaman*,Customs*,captain tobias,wydin,grum,cabin boy*, gerrant, daero, waydar,

 penance ranger, penance fighter,

 tool leprechaun, heskel, liliwen, treznor, prissy scilla, alain, ellena, fayeth, gileth, imiago, garth,bolongo,lammy langle,praistan ebola, frizzy skernip, yulf squecks, elkoy, squirrel,

general graardor, kree'arra, *kilisa, respiratory*

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Runelite - Chat Notifictions, Ground items, NPC indicators Empty Re: Runelite - Chat Notifictions, Ground items, NPC indicators

Post by elemntsk8ter on Sun Oct 07, 2018 7:39 pm

thanks P. I'll give this stuff a whirl - just switched from OSB to RL - All suggestions are great!
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Runelite - Chat Notifictions, Ground items, NPC indicators Empty Re: Runelite - Chat Notifictions, Ground items, NPC indicators

Post by 1 Raw Shark on Tue Aug 20, 2019 10:38 am

great guide. I've been alternating between RL and OSBuddy, both have their advantages.
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Runelite - Chat Notifictions, Ground items, NPC indicators Empty Re: Runelite - Chat Notifictions, Ground items, NPC indicators

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