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Post by I Whip A Lot Thu Oct 20, 2016 5:30 pm

Hey People Very Happy

Most of you guys know me as Special Mint / Extramintje.

This is kinda my main account, and i wanna set some goals for it Smile

First goal of that is already achieved; getting my first pet!

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Next up for my goals:

- Get 50m cash stack
- Total bank worth of 150m+
- 500 zulrah KC (pet at 204!)
- Get 90 range
- Get 94 mage
- Get 93 slayer
- Get 70+ all stats
- Get 80 prayer
- Get 75 theiving
- Get 80 agility

Stats and bank atm:
I think my bank is like 80m worthish atm. Would be grinding that out with the zulrah kills
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I'm always up for bossing when i'm around, Mostly on tuesday and thursday evening.
If you guys got any tips for me, goals wise or just in general, let me know!
I Whip A Lot
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Goals for I_Whip_A_Lot Empty Re: Goals for I_Whip_A_Lot

Post by Guest Wed Mar 01, 2017 2:06 am


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