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some one who dose almost everything for anyone Empty some one who dose almost everything for anyone

Post by I Am Hades Mon Nov 30, 2015 3:23 pm

got to give a shout out for Mrs midnight i havent seen anyone other then her in the CC drop everything they are doing weather ingame or irl (although its mostly reading a decent book XP) to help some one out can be advice to running people items or mini games to skilling or combat good example is shes currently working on prayer and has stopped working on it a few times to run me through barbarian assault it still supersizes me shes only bronze in the clan though so id like to propose a higher rank if its possible =D thanks for reading
I Am Hades
I Am Hades

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some one who dose almost everything for anyone Empty Re: some one who dose almost everything for anyone

Post by Mrs Midnight Tue Dec 01, 2015 2:19 am

Haha, Thanks a lot!
I'm happy with my bronze rank though!
it's not really a "status-issue" for me and each of the ranks have their specific responsibilities.
I feel like I, at least currently, fit in well with the rank I have.
A Bronze Star/Lieutenant rank gives me the authority to keep the cc calm and not too many responsibilities.
I've found that you shouldn't always go after the promotions eagerly because:
1. They don't often make that much of a difference and authority mostly differs per person. I was for example a single, double, triple ^(banana) rank for quite a while, yet that didn't mean my voice was worth any less than that of a higher ranked member. And I've even had ranks and the clan side with me in a dispute with a higher rank.
In short: Let your personality decide your status in the clan, not your rank. Smile
2. A promotion isn't always "fun". OSRS Advice is a great clan, that's why I spend so much time and effort on it! But the more you rise in the ranks, the more responsibilities you end up getting.
And the higher the rank, the more the person is often "feared". I still get a lot of PM's from clan-members but new members are sometimes less-eager to ask Hailey for help or advice than me. (In the situation where we are both online.)
Now this isn't because I'm more helpful or able than Hailey, in the contrary even!
New clan-members simply often just "fear" approaching that "exalted" "Key-rank" Clan-leader or they just think she's too busy for them.
I, however, am often not that scary. Perhaps due to my behaviour and speech within the cc or perhaps due to my rank.

There are currently 3 ranks above me, silver star, golden star, key-rank.
These are held by 3 people, Greybird, Runtell, OSRS Advice.
These 3 simply outrank me in abilities and dedication to the clan, it is only natural for me to be 1 rank lower. You could say I've currently attained the highest rank within the clan. (without being exceptionally awesome, like the 3 I mentioned before.)

(P.P.S. Thereby I haven't been in the CC for that long! )

I must thank you a lot though!
It's awesome to have someone be grateful enough to suggest a promotion for me!
I'll gladly help you out at any time & I'm looking forward to the next BA-run!

Thanks again,


Mrs Midnight
Mrs Midnight

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