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CC lurker - intro! Empty CC lurker - intro!

Post by Love_Shack Mon Mar 25, 2024 4:01 pm

Hello all.
I made an intro a few years back (2020 I believe) when I started playing a little bit again.
Since then I’ve played on/off in stints when the mood has taken me.
Recently I’ve found myself picking up the game again for a hour here or there… and remembered about you guys so thought I would have another snoop around!

So… apologies but I’ve been lurking in the CC, not really saying much, whilst just quietly playing the game. - sounds creepy I know!

I suppose a small introduction to myself in game:
- Real life?
I’m old and boring so not much to say!
- RS?
I’m pretty much 100% mobile based, which makes certain tasks incredibly difficult and tedious!
I used to play RS back in the old days… probably 2004-2008ish.
Back then I enjoyed the “combat” aspect of the game, I was a leader/pk leader in a reasonably sized clan.
These days I’ve found myself enjoying the more slow paced/afk style of play which suits mobile perfectly, and allows me to drop in for a hour here and there. So far I’ve managed to achieve 99s in smithing, fletching and farming.
My latest venture is going to be 99 crafting - which may keep me busy for a while!

Anyways…. Now I’ve re-introduced myself, I may be brave enough to join in with the chatter in the CC

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CC lurker - intro! Empty Re: CC lurker - intro!

Post by Purple Dude Tue Mar 26, 2024 11:26 am

Welcome back from your break Love_Shack ^^
It is completely fair to be a lurker, you are not the only one Very Happy And we also got a decent amount of mobile only players, I could never do that, but some of you make it work xD

Good luck on 99 Crafting and seeya around ^^ bounce

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Purple Dude
Purple Dude

CC lurker - intro! NuD0cpJ

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CC lurker - intro! Empty Re: CC lurker - intro!

Post by To End Tue Mar 26, 2024 1:56 pm

Welcome (back) Love_Shack! Totally understandable to be a lurker. I'm definitely not the most talkative person in the clan, and sometimes it's nice to just sit back and see what others are talking about. I don't play mobile very often but it's also difficult for me to try to focus on chat / type responses on mobile. You're always welcome to join in chat if you want to, but no pressure to talk if you don't want to! Smile

Hope to see you around!
To End
To End

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CC lurker - intro! Empty Re: CC lurker - intro!

Post by EvanK-Hell Wed Mar 27, 2024 9:28 am

Welcome back to game and to the clan, we all need to take a brake from this awesome but super grindy game to relax but eventually return Smile

CC lurker - intro! YP5zkAJ

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