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Just here to ask a question Empty Just here to ask a question

Post by Trap541 Thu Dec 28, 2023 12:09 pm

Whats up guys, ive been searching the internet trying to find something and am having no luck so i thought id try asking about it here...

My osrs acc got "auto-muted" for 9 days and to be totally honest i did not know that auto-mutes were even a thing and had no idea what the hell "chatwatch" was and never even knew it existed.
I was under the general assumption that when you toggle your profanity filter to "off" then you no longer have any words being censored and showing up as a bunch of *'s.

I have mine turned off because i swear often and just dont  particularly want the things that im typing to be censored. Im a mobile only user and have a hard enough time getting sentences out with no major typos or autocorrect working against me, if i wanted to type a bunch of *'s instead of spelling things out, i would just do that.

Anyways, i found out the hard way that the word "tranny" is an "auto-mute" word, despite the context or the fact that it was in the middle of a casual conversation about trans that was in no way whatsoever offending anybody and wasnt derogatory or hate speech or anything of the sort. I even typed the word a second time because i could not for the life of me understand why it would be getting censored when my profanity filter is off.

I could probably write a novel about how ridiculous and stupid and broken the "chatwatch" system seems to be but the only thing i really even care to know is what words gonna end up getting me in trouble next time....

So thats my question, is there a list of all the words and phrases that get you auto-muted? Like would that kind of list even exist or what? Im not really trying to get more strikes on my record for saying a "forbidden word" that i didnt even know was forbidden. I can think of at least a few words that id imagine are probably auto-mute words but does anybody know of anything else that shouldnt be bad but can still get you auto-muted?

Its an honest straight-up question so if you dont know, then you dont know.

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Just here to ask a question Empty Re: Just here to ask a question

Post by 01jack444444 Fri Dec 29, 2023 6:54 pm

Any word that could be considered hate speech so as you said words concerning trans folks or im sure terms used to discride people other then white. Cause i doubt the term cracker is censored honestly (about the only white derogatory term i know for whities such as myself). So a term last i knew used in england for a cigarette aka fag would probably be censored too. In other words if a group of people would consider a term/word hateful towards them than itll be perma stared.

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