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Post by VileJugrnaut Sat Sep 16, 2023 5:35 pm

Hi everyone, I’m VileJugrnaut. Been a guest lurker in the cc for about a week now. Everyone seems really respectful and friendly, exactly what I was looking for in a clan. Combat level 95 and still very much a noob lol. I’m getting there, though. Played RS way back when and recently gave up all other forms of gaming due to university and work taking priority, and RuneScape is the only game I played that I can easily pick up and put down at quick will.

As of late, I’m focused on skilling and getting the skills I’ve neglected up to 60+ to open up some more quests. I’ve not done any bossing, just slayer, mini games, and quests. Thanks for having me.

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Post by Makemoola Sat Sep 16, 2023 11:19 pm

welcome to the clan Very Happy glad to have you if any questions feel free to ask in cc Smile

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Post by Noctivagous Sat Oct 14, 2023 10:04 pm

Hello Vile, and welcome to OSRS Advice.
I'm glad you chose our community to call your home, I wish you the utmost luck in your skill grinds to 60, as well as in the school.
See you around the CC!

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