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Hello Everyone! -Vst Empty Hello Everyone! -Vst

Post by V st Mon Apr 10, 2023 9:05 am

Hi everyone!

I have been a longtime player of runescape throughout the years and recently came back to the game from a few year break. I decided to create a new account and really focus my journey on having a casual play through to progress the account and experience a ton of new content. My name is a reference to vst instruments or effects used in music production. I like to produce music of various genres in my free time and have been a musician all my life. I hope to see you all in the cc! Happy 'Scaping!

-V st
V st
V st

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Hello Everyone! -Vst Empty Re: Hello Everyone! -Vst

Post by Slucky Mon Apr 10, 2023 10:26 am

Welcome aboard !

I hope you will find everything you need from a clan chat !

Enjoy your playtime, and remember, it is no use to rush stuff! it kills the fun !

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