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Hi everyone (former mazzahS) Empty Hi everyone (former mazzahS)

Post by christ123 Sun Jan 08, 2023 2:09 pm

Well hi guys before I re introduce myself I wanted to say how sorry I was for my previous behavior, I think I have offended any of you in the past or maybe I said some stuff that was out of the frame or inappropriate on any way, it's something that I hope it doesn't happen to me at any time of the future and well in case you are wondering it's mazzahS and this is my new account, I mean as an excuse for myself I wanted to say that well as much as I enjoy coding and learning and playing videogames, I still a human and I was in a non healthy diet, nor environment plus tu nosleeping, well I still think that I'm not in a healthy environment but I know I have triggered some alarms to my fellow classmates at the time because they were concerned about my mental health and that is not the kind of person or idea I want the people get from me, specially such cool people as yourselves, I hope you take me back into the cc Smile at least some day. And I'm not trolling at any ways, I mean sometimes I could say one or two jokes to you, but not because I want you guys to feel bad, maybe it's just a way of distressing or I don't know, it was the moment and I thought I had to add it, but as a south american (born in Venezuela) I still think that some of the jokes I make to you might not be funny because I think we have some differences in our sense of humor.

Btw my new username is ElricoSchmid and I would like to join the cc if it is possible, but please if is not, at least tell me.

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Hi everyone (former mazzahS) Empty Re: Hi everyone (former mazzahS)

Post by B1oodDruid Mon Jan 09, 2023 8:46 pm

Welcome back! Im honestly not sure what you did but as long as it wasn't to bad im sure the higher ups may bring you back. Their pretty forgiving folks. Hope to catch ya around cc!

Hi everyone (former mazzahS) YP5zkAJ

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Hi everyone (former mazzahS) Empty Re: Hi everyone (former mazzahS)

Post by Purple Dude Thu Jan 12, 2023 9:51 am

Welcome back Smile bounce

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Purple Dude
Purple Dude

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