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Hello! Empty Hello!

Post by depood Fri Nov 11, 2022 1:29 pm

Hi all,

just a quick introduction to myself -my name is Daniel, and I am new to OSRS - not sure how I missed that game all the years, but here I am  Laughing.
I'm happy to be here and can't wait to explore the world of Runescape with a friendly community around.

cya in-game - cheers depood

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Hello! Empty Re: Hello!

Post by Oen Sat Nov 12, 2022 1:20 pm

Welcome. I love how new players are still finding our little classic game after all these years. I hope you will have a good time with us. Don't be afraid to ask any questions that come to mind!

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Hello! Empty Re: Hello!

Post by Allison Sat Nov 12, 2022 6:35 pm

Welcome depood! This cc is definitely a great place to ask questions and hang out Smile

Hello! U7euiv5

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