Hi There, I'm Mason :D

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Hi There, I'm Mason :D Empty Hi There, I'm Mason :D

Post by Mason Wed Nov 02, 2022 9:04 pm

Hello! My name is Mason and I want to introduce myself again to the community Razz

I've been playing OSRS ever since '06-'07 and like most people, lost a lot of interest once EOC hit the community and then got sucked back in once the newer OSRS came out Laughing . Back in my college days I would try and get back into playing Old School, but it was hard for me to enjoy the game when I didn't have many people to stay in contact with here. That's when I stumbled across a group of people wandering around the GE and they convinced me to join their CC. It was December of 2016 that I was introduced to this CC and it was one of the best things that could've happened to me on OSRS. It's very easy to slowly feel alone in the vast lands of Gielinor, but having a group of people who are always down to have a chat and share experiences makes it SO much more of an enjoyable experience. I love y'all Smile

A couple years ago, I finally graduated college with my Bachelor's degree in Sociology and then moved back to my hometown to work at the Lowe's store that I had worked at since high school. Over time, the management grew worse to the point that it just wasn't the same. After being yelled at and sprayed with dawn dish soap by an angry manager ( Laughing yes this actually happened ) I finally decided it was time to spread my wings and move to where I've always wanted to move. I still have yet to move but am looking at job opportunities in Colorado! That's where I've always wanted to move to; the mountains feel like home Smile

That's the long story short, I'm sure as time goes on you'll learn much more about me and I'll learn more about you. Feel free to chat or ask for help with anything, anytime. I mean it Very Happy
I'll see ya out there

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Hi There, I'm Mason :D Empty Re: Hi There, I'm Mason :D

Post by Tetsumomo Thu Nov 03, 2022 8:00 am

Nice to meet you Mason =]

I'm only new to the clan chat but already feel welcomed by all the people here so I can understand why you have stuck around so long!

I look forward to seeing you in game

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Hi There, I'm Mason :D Empty Re: Hi There, I'm Mason :D

Post by Purple Dude Thu Nov 03, 2022 8:59 am

Heya Mason ! Very Happy
Good to hear that you are in a good place IRL, moving can be hard, but good to see that you are focusing on the positives, especially since you like the new destination ^^
Hope you find a decent job in your future new town Very Happy

And until then, osrs is a great hobby to relax and wind down so we will most likely see more of you ingame ^^ bounce

Hi There, I'm Mason :D Tumblr_n4ligjCVIn1spy7ono1_500
Purple Dude
Purple Dude

Hi There, I'm Mason :D NuD0cpJ

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