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Post by IvJ Wed Aug 10, 2022 7:49 am

Hey all,

I usetoo be part of an active social clan (TSG) back in the day 2006-2010, and would like to join one once again as I have been lured back into RS Twisted Evil - while hanging around in the chat i see this is a friendly and helpful community which is what I'd like to be a part of & contribute to.
Ingame I'm currently maxing out my account (Zerker), training slayer and doing all the other essentials.. eventually I'd like to do some group-bossing and community events. I'm still trying to get caught up with all the updates , getting there ! Shocked

See you all ingame,



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Post by Leaf Thu Aug 11, 2022 6:31 pm

Welcome to the clan IvJ, and good luck maxing out your zerk, man!!

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Hello there Empty Re: Hello there

Post by Bunny Thu Aug 11, 2022 9:22 pm

Welcome! We do have a ton of friendly people in this cc Smile Glad you're enjoying it so far!

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