Mahmu Wifes progress to become Mahmu Mommy

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Mahmu Wifes progress to become Mahmu Mommy Empty Mahmu Wifes progress to become Mahmu Mommy

Post by mahmu wife Wed Sep 08, 2021 3:54 pm

Hello fellas. I´d like to also join you in sharing my progress.
As such, my progress (or atleast atm) is less about how far i can progress the account.

the main thing i want to progress in, is just getting better at the game in general. understanding how to pvm properly, understanding game mechanics and maybe learn how to 3tick.

also very important for me, i would love to complete the quest series and therefore,

At this point of the game, my combat level 109 and my total level is 1575. i dont enjoy much skilling to be honest, i sometimes like myself a nice afk fishing or woodcutting but i realy realy realy dont like such things as mining, thieving or runecrafting. but either way, progress has to be done.

right now, i have learned the basics of vorkath and managed to get a kc of 5 in which i made 3 in a row without dying. a huge progress that is only happening because i keep getting vital information on how to do it from the CC. FAT THANKS!

i sold the majority of my items a couple days back to buy a dhcb, but because im gielenors biggest hobo, i did not even knew i needed to quest for that so i took myself into a war against my brain and started skilling to get my levels up.
yesterday i started and finished the quest, slayermusiq1´s quide was 1.51 hours long, it took me about 10-11 hours and did cost me around 10-12 mil. im jugging bankrupcy right now because im broke and i love it. i feel like i just started the game again but on a different scale, instead of hunting druids and moss giants, im hunting big blue dragons. i realy like this new way of gaming.

long story short, my first and right now biggest achievements are to kill every mid-lowhightier boss in the game once and get the questcape. so far on the list are the KBD, chaos elemental, venanatis, vorkath and (with a bit of cheating and getting carried during the CC event) bandos

i wish you all the best, stay safe and dont lick strangers hands in the times of the rona.
much love

mahmu wife
mahmu wife

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Mahmu Wifes progress to become Mahmu Mommy Empty Re: Mahmu Wifes progress to become Mahmu Mommy

Post by e3s Wed Sep 08, 2021 4:26 pm

awww im excited to see this progression thread of your account sis! Very Happy it's a great way to share achievements and goals and even questioning certain things whether its to learn a boss or the best method to train a specific as all the highly experienced clan members also response and provide a lot of guidance feel free to tag them in the posts and they will most definitely be happy to give a few pointers Smile

Mahmu Wifes progress to become Mahmu Mommy YP5zkAJ

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