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Post by Purple Dude Thu Jul 01, 2021 3:06 pm

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Hellow all you awesome clannies! Very Happy

The old thread was outdated due to the Clan Overhaul, so we thought it was time for an up to date post regarding the expectations and prerequisites that have been updated due to the update. Very Happy

Hailey and Bear has done a beautiful job of writing it up during the years, so a lot of the guide will be recycled Wink
We currently have over 4400 members, and while they are not all active at the same time, many of them are working hard towards earning their promotions. You should not expect a promotion immediately after you start contributing, because not only do we look for the effort in your contributions, but the consistency as well!
This means that a promotion usually takes time. While your immediate contributions will certainly be noticed behind-the-scenes, do not get discouraged if you put in a lot of effort over a short period of time and do not immediately get a promotion.

General Guidelines:
- Currently, our process is democratic. Moderators of the clan have equal say when it comes to ranks. The usernames of potential candidates are discussed in-game and on our “Ranks-Only” section of the forums/Discord. When it is time for promotions, only a select few will be promoted, based on whether they have a majority of moderators supporting and backing them up.

- When members beg or overzealously “hint” for promotions, it appears as if they are only here for power.
Remember, promotions are earned - not given - and our goal is to promote those who are truly dedicated to helping the clan grow and be part of our community.
Believe it or not, we are very perceptive and skeptical when it comes to those randomly putting forth a burst of effort for a promotion. Often, when they don’t get the promotion quickly, we see the aforementioned “hinting” start until the efforts cease almost completely.
This is one of the top reasons a lot of members do not get promoted.

- Expectations for further promotion may see a substantial increase as you move up the ranks. While the tips for a promotion to Sapphire and a promotion to Emerald may be the same, it is usually fairly easier to get the former, whereas candidates for the latter may be under a bit more scrutiny and may be expected to contribute more to earn that next rank! Basically, if you are doing enough for a Sapphire promotion, you need to keep it up and possibly contribute more to earn the Emerald Rank!

- Strive for quality, not quantity. Below you will find various methods and what we consider when recommending or voting on promotions. That does not mean you should take all the tips below and SPAM, SPAM, SPAM! Bumping the recruit thread 10 times in 10 seconds doesn’t actually help the clan, but rather makes it harder for us to track you while using our metrics.
Spamming effortless posts to our offsite threads implies you don’t seem to truly care about who you are talking to or the topic at hand and are simply trying to boost your post count. We review the bumps, replies, etc and we can assure you that quality definitely takes precedent over quantity.
Below is a screenshot of an actual promotion recommendation from a past discussion(Edited to preserve the integrity and anonymity of course):
 How To Best Get Promoted! Screen15

What We Currently Look At For All Promotions:

- One way to show you are here to help grow the clan is by bumping our OSRS Recruitment Thread. You can find it on one of the first few pages of the ‘Old School Clans’ forum or by clicking on the related picture underneath the clan clock in the top right of the offsite homepage. Signing in and commenting ‘Bump’ (or anything else) on our thread will ‘Bring Up My(our) Post’ to the first page. That helps newcomers looking for clans see our thread more easily.

- Another way to help grow the clan and show you are active is through direct invitation of newcomers. Whether you are slaying, bossing, skilling, or bank-standing, feel free to invite the people around you to the clan. For extra brownie points, have them sign up here on the offsite for their fulfillment of the first requirement for Sapphire Rank and ask them to give you a recruitment shoutout in their introduction thread!

- Attending our clan events are a great way to show your support for our community. Although you may not be directly promoted by doing so, you essentially are branding your username to ranks, mods and the clan. We will see you are active, which shows there is some level of care for the clan. So over time, your name will become more familiar, and this may spark talks about your name when we discuss promotions. A past event, the 2500-member party, included a 350m drop party, so there is no reason to not attend!
Another event was the 3500-member party, where a 350m drop party was planned but Bear went in Christmas-Mode and dropped 700m !

- Helping in general can additionally demonstrate your willingness to grow and benefit the clan. By assisting other members with advice, encouraging others to recruit or bump the thread, and helping promote clan events, you set yourself apart from the rest of the clan. Members who go above and beyond what the majority of others do are definitely appearing on our radar.
Keep in mind the quality over quantity measure though! Shouting “LANGUAGE!” repeatedly at people who accidentally curse or at new members who may not know the rules is not very helpful.

- Since a majority of our moderation efforts take place outside the game in ‘Ranks-Only’ offsite sections and Discord sections, we expect aspiring moderators to be active in these areas too! This could be as simple as welcoming new members in the “Introduce Yourself” section, making a progress thread in the “Goals and Achievement” section(or commenting on others), or posting appropriately in any other section we have, or be a frequent visitor in the Discord Channels, maybe in Advice-Srs or General. Offline activity is a good indicator as to whether or not we can expect you to contribute to the Ranks section when and if the time is right. Since the Mod Ranks are a separate system, you get to decide how involved you want to be, since if Mod is not for you, you can still advance in the Gem Ranks! 😉

Rank-Specific Expectations:
- Ranks are split into three different Systems: Non-Mods, Special and Mods.
- Non-Mod System is defined by Gem Ranks, it is the System for normal Clan members
- Special System is the Event Team and other special ranks
- Mod System is defined by Military and Key Ranks, it is the System for the Moderating Team

- Sapphire
The expectations for a Sapphire rank are pretty basic. Simply sign up here on the offsite, create your introduction thread, then hang out in the chat frequently and be friendly! While we understand not everyone wants to jump in on the conversation all the time, it is nigh impossible to gauge your activity and determine your eligibility for promotion if you only lurk!

Do note that a vulgar/offensive username must be changed before being given a Sapphire and therefore future promotions. Similarly, your rank may be removed either temporarily or permanently, should you change it to something offensive in the future. You are not exempt by saying “it means something different in my language”, “it’s not my fault you interpreted it wrong”, etc. If it is deemed vulgar/offensive by the general population, and therefore the OSRS Advice Staff, it will prevent you from being ranked/promoted.

- Emerald
Emerald is the next step in the promotion process after you have received your Sapphire Rank. To obtain Emerald Rank, members are expected to follow the tips and guidelines and of course make yourself stand out positively. The most dedicated Sapphires can earn their way to Emerald promotion within a matter of weeks!

- Ruby
Ruby is the next step up from Emerald with most of the same expectations. However, while the methods may be the same, you will be expected to contribute and stand out even more than you did before to earn that Ruby promotion!

- Diamond
Diamond is the next step after Ruby. While the expectations have not changed, all Diamond ranks are what you would call well known members of the clan, if you are a member of the clan, chances are you will know who the Diamond rank is

- Dragonstone
Dragonstone is the next step after Diamond, the method of achieving it is the same as the former ranks, just more time and consistency.
A Dragonstone rank will mean that you have been around for a decent amount of time, and should be a very known face around the clan Smile
Only the most dedicated Diamonds reach Dragonstone

- Onyx
A description will be added when we start to have several Dragonstone Ranks in the clan Wink

- Zenyte
A description will be added when we start to have some Onyx Ranks in the clan Wink

- Coordinator(Book)
This rank is reserved for members of The Event Team. They are generally in charge of the clan’s events, both big and small, as well as helping normal clan members who are interested in hosting their own events, just in-case you need a little extra muscle.
Method of joining the Event Team is to create events and show interest in engaging with the Community through events. Much like a Mod rank, you are recruited to this rank.

- Moderator(Hammer)
Moderator is the rank you receive when you join the Moderation Team. Your former rank has no effect on whether you will become a Moderator or not. It will be based on your actions throughout your time in the clan and Offline Activity. Moderators are expected to participate in Offline Activity in Ranks Sections, so showing your willingness for Offline Activity even before you are a Moderator, is only a positive thing!
Moderators are also expected to moderate the chat when possible and keep things as civil as possible. This does not mean staring at the chat all day, every day, but simply carry on the way you already have been and take care of issues as they arise or as you see them, such as moving along an argument in the chat or kicking a spammer.

Promotions to Moderator are sometimes dependent on our need for new Moderators at the time. We have plenty of great clan members that are slowly making their way into the moderation team, but this promotion and those above each take a fair bit longer than the Gem Ranks, due to the extra weight and responsibilities this new title will carry. And remember that not everyone is cut out to be a Moderator, and that is ok! Some even choose to stay at Gem Ranks, because they’d rather play the game and not have to worry about moderating the chat.

- Officer(2 Gold Stars)
Officer is the first promotion that our moderators are eligible for. This is reserved for those who are consistently performing all the previously mentioned duties, and are vigilant in their moderation duties as well. While there is no additional expectations, keep doing what you are doing and doing it well, and you will soon have 2 nice gold stars instead of a Hammer to reward your efforts and show you are carrying yourself well as a moderator!

- Commander(3 Gold Stars)
Commander is the last promotion before the Senior Moderator Team. This is for the truly dedicated Mods that perform all their duties excellently and consistently. They will get an additional gold star added to their former rank, leaving them with 3 gold stars instead of 2 to show that they are an example to follow!

- Brigadier
Brigadier is where Moderator becomes a Senior Moderator. Senior Moderators have an even more exclusive offsite section to discuss the high-level functions and core values of the clan.
To become a Brigadier, you have to prove yourself as trustworthy, dedicated, and an invaluable member to the clan, as the words of a Senior Moderator are not taken lightly. This means excelling at all the previous requirements up to this point, being exceptionally dedicated to your moderation duties, and contributing with well thought-out discussions and viewpoints, all of which come together to prove you are a well-rounded and well-suited member to join the Senior Moderation Team.
These members have stuck it out through thick and thin, helped influence the clan, and have done so consistently, without question, for the longest period of time. These are the members who can be trusted to do what is right for the clan, regardless of what the issue is or who is causing it.

- Deputy Owner
Deputy Owner(Silver Key) is the highest rank you can achieve as a member of the clan. This rank is part of the Senior Moderator Team, but has chosen extra responsibilities in helping The Owner managing the clan, like adding new members, promoting members, etc.
This is a rank reserved for the most dedicated, trusted and influential members of the clan.

- Owner(Gold Key)
Leader of the clan: King Bear

Final Notes:

With that all covered, just remember, ranks are earned, not given, and only the most active, mature and hardest working will achieve the highest ranks.
You should not feel discouraged along the way, but rather proud of yourself when you finally do achieve a promotion. If you follow the pointers above, as well as the clan chat rules, your promotion will come!
And keep in mind that earning promotions are not for everyone! If you would rather play the game to enjoy it, and never have to worry about promoting the clan or just enjoy lurking, that is totally fine as well. Clan politics are not for everyone!

From the entire moderation team, thank you all for your continued support! Very Happy
We couldn’t do what we do without all of you 😊
As always if you have any questions and/or like anything clarified, feel free to contact a Deputy Owner or the Owner privately. Either ingame or via PM here on offsite. You should receive a reply asap ! Very Happy

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