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Joining the Clan & Chat Empty Joining the Clan & Chat

Post by Bear Thu Jun 03, 2021 12:30 pm

Joining as a Guest:

Guests have all the same in-game permissions as the rest of our ranks, such as joining the clan hall, taking part in events, etc.

EDIT: With the release of loot drop announcements, Jagex has programmed it so that only invited members will see loot drops, so that will be one difference between Guests and Members. We are badgering Jagex to allow Guests to see these as well, but only time will tell if it works.

Please see the following image, which should very clearly illustrate how to join the cc as a guest for the first time (the first step, whether you're new to the clan or a returning member). Unless you manually leave the chat, you should automatically rejoin the chat as a guest each time you log in/out.

Joining the Clan & Chat Join_c11

Becoming a Full-Fledged Member (First Promotion - Sapphire)

New members interested in joining the clan must introduce themselves here on the forums, and then be active/friendly/helpful to earn their spot in the clan.

So, if you see someone asking how they get ranked and join the clan, please feel free to refer them to this thread, or simply let them know about our requirements.

Thanks everyone! Pepo Heart

Joining the Clan & Chat 14_04_10


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