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Lost Olivers HnS/Fashionscape/99 Party  Empty Lost Olivers HnS/Fashionscape/99 Party

Post by lost oliver Sat Feb 06, 2021 5:02 am

Goodday champions and cuties!

So, as many of you will know... I have been planning and (slowly) working towards my current goal of 2,000 total. The way I decided to achieve this was with 5 99's: Cooking, Fishing, Crafting, Smithing and Farming. To celebrate my achieving this I have a bit of a party!

The PRELIMINARY date and time is 20th of February at 18:00 UK/Server time - (13:00 EST) - as I am hoping to have everything done by then!

This will consist of 4 rounds of Hide and seek and afterwards, a fashionscape competition in my PoH and a drop party! Donations are welcome to make the drop party extra special but not required by any means. Any donations please PM me ingame or in discord and I  can add it to the drop party or prize pool!

Hide and seek:

  • I will hide in a location, 3 clues will be given, one at a time until I am found.

  • First person to find me will get 2.5m

  • Second person to find me will get 1m

Fashionscape competition:

You may enter an outfit that will work as a fashionscape outfit for any of the 5 categories:
Lost Olivers HnS/Fashionscape/99 Party  Fsc11Lost Olivers HnS/Fashionscape/99 Party  Cc13Lost Olivers HnS/Fashionscape/99 Party  Crc13Lost Olivers HnS/Fashionscape/99 Party  Smc11Lost Olivers HnS/Fashionscape/99 Party  Fc11

  • You may enter one category each.

  • Prizes are 2.5m for first place and 1m for second place.
    Special prize for my overall favourite (to be decided)

After the fashionscape... Time for the 99's and drop party time!
Lost Olivers HnS/Fashionscape/99 Party  Tenor12

Also... one additional round of HNS after for a prize of 5m.

Let's have some fun! FeelsOkayMan
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