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Arceuus spellbook redesign Empty Arceuus spellbook redesign

Post by OmniRick Sat Dec 19, 2020 10:20 am

The latest poll includes a proposition to change the Arceuus spellbook, and I'm interested in opinions about the rework.
The stated goal behind this redesign is to make the spellbook more useful than for just dark altar prayer training and a few teleports, making the spellbook a viable option to keep active, for example for combat or pvp.

It introduces 2 new mechanics:

  • Corruption - prayer draining magic;
  • Ressurrection - basically necromantic summoning.

Now, any mention of summoning sends me into a fearful panic, but this is quite tame and limited in ability. The best ressurrection spell is a zombie thrall with a max hit of 3 that attacks every 4 ticks. The thralls wander and attack nearby targets that the player attacks, so they could provide a minor boost to dps, such as when doing slayer tasks. Also these thralls are temporary, lasting 1 tick per magic level the player had upon casting, so they need continuous resummoning. Thralls are specifically barred from pvp.

Corruption seems like it would be viable for pvp, to use in tandem with Smite. I'd like to know what the resident pkers think of this.

Along with reclassifying the reanimation spells into a tiered system, the rework includes a batch of new spells that can be used for combat and skilling.

The Grasp spells can do damage and hold enemy, with up to a 24 base max hit and 50% chance to bind with the Undead Grasp.
Compare this to the Ice Barrage's base max hit of 30, but keep in mind the new Arceus spellbook includes spells like Greater Corruption.

Demonbane spells are tailored to fight demons. Why this is particularly relevant to Zeah or this spellbook I've no clue, but they outmatch same-level spells from the standard spellbook, e.g. Superior Demonbane's base max hit of 23 with 62 magic req vs Wind Wave's base max hit of 17 with 62 magic req, or Dark Demonbane's base max hit of 30 with 82 magic req vs Fire Surge's base max hit of 24 with 95 magic req.
Now, bosses like K'ril and Skotizo, and demonic gorillas, have high magic level so these spells are unlikely to revolutionize how to fight them, but for other demonic mobs like Greater, Black or Abyssal demons (provided you're not barraging these), they could provide a viable option to safespot them.
Worth highlighting that the new Mark of Darkness spell would boost damage and accuracy of demonbane spells by 25%.

Onto to assorted new spells:

  • Shadow Veil - a boost for thieving, 15% less chance to get stunned/damaged while pickpocketing that stacks with dodgy necklace, sure to make pickpocketing even more click intensive;
  • Dark Lure  - could improve impling hunting as it prevents the target's flight. I'm not sure the other viable targets (Imps, Unicorns and Ghouls) would have as much use, outside maybe low level slayer tasks;
  • Mark of Darkness - boosts demonbane spells by 25% accuracy and damage, and makes Corruption effect occur twice as often and Grasp spells twice as effective;
  • Vile Vigour - converts all prayer points to run energy - this is intriguing given the existence of stamina potions that are cheaper than prayer potions, in what situation do you see this as viable? PKing in the Wilderness with super restores and no staminas?
  • Cleanse - cleans all herbs in inventory, sacrificing half the xp in exchange for not ruining your hand;
  • Ward of Arceuus - provides immunity from Corruption, debuff against Grasp spells, and 10% less damage from demons - I think this could be useful if soloing or tanking K'ril Tsutsaroth for longer trips;
  • Death Charge - 15% special attack restore on killing an enemy, can only be cast once per 60s - would this be a minor boost to long melee tasks?
  • Demonic and Sinister Offerings - consumes up to 3 sets of Demonic Ashes or Bones, restoring some prayer depending on the remains' tier, and giving 3x the xp, the most efficient use of demonic ashes since they can't be used on prayer altar or ectofuntus.

They're also proposing 2 things that should've been implemented ages ago: to reclassify hellhounds as demons, and that the ashes that remain from demons be given use for prayer. It's nonsense that you can get more prayer xp killing giant rats than black demons.

The poll also includes a new quest and Shayzien area rework, which I'm all for.
What are your thoughts on this?

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Arceuus spellbook redesign Empty Re: Arceuus spellbook redesign

Post by Joe 7 Sat Dec 19, 2020 10:29 am

I'm definitely for the rework of the Shayzien area it always seemed too spread out and empty. I think Corruption will be interesting for PvP and definitely make the wildy more dangerous when facing skilled magers. I'd rather have a few spells designed around conjugation and summoning of familiars than an entire skill centered around it, plus it gives the Arceuus spellbook more to offer, as right now it's extremely underwhelming.

I think increasing the strength of demonbane weapons via spells might be too OP, should be tested further before releasing. I could also see Death Charge being used with someone spec transferring with an alt being OP for combat, but would have a high requirement to achieve. Those are really the only two things I'm worried that they'll release without enough beta testing first to see the effect they'll have.
Joe 7

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