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Hello Runescapers! Empty Hello Runescapers!

Post by Imapro600 Wed Jun 03, 2020 7:05 pm

Hey all, my name is Charles and y'all may have seen me in the cc these past couple of weeks asking some questions Laughing. Well I thought I should introduce myself on the forums as I have become more active in the Runescape endeavors.

I first heard of Runescape through my older brother's friend when back in 2007 (the good ole days). After seeing and watching my brother and his friend I decided I should make an account and try it out! Lo and behold I was scared to defeat Elvarg and waited until I was a member and had access to my trusty dragon long and dragon dagger Laughing. fast forward to 2013 after summoning was released my love for the game died off as school and interests took over. Now trying to get back into the game on and off for 7 years, playing a variety of private servers (because they were easier) and trying out the new OSRS mode they had made, I had no luck in sustaining the love I once had.

Now when COVID came around and ruined my life's daily activities, Runescape once again rang in my head, and so I hopped on the good ole world 302 and saw how many players were still around (and bots). So this is where once again my passion and interest for runescape was reignited. Its been roughly one month and I am so close to a quest cape and hard diaries completed (My goal before summer classes start).

It has been nice talking to and experiencing just how helpful and genuine people are in this small but powerful community. I'm hoping to continue my stay and experience this new passion I have for Runescape with all of the people in this community

~ Charles

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Post by This Land Thu Jun 04, 2020 2:10 am

Hey Charles and welcome 'officially' to the clan Smile

Aye... the good ole days, before any of us knew about the real world and had to start caring about any of it haha. Funnily enough, I remember my first fight with Elvarg so clearly like it was yesterday and remember being absolutely petrified haha so I'm glad that I wasn't the only one who felt that emotion!!

COVID has definitely given people the time at home to go back to old games so I'm really glad that you chose to give Runescape another try. I can only hope, that once the global issues fully subside, you've grown enough of a love for the game in your heart to still carry on playing whenever you might get that spare half an hour (and the mobile app makes that a lot easier too)!

Wishing you all the best for achieving the quest cape and hard diaries, remember that there's another quest coming out today though hehe so be prepared for another hurdle before you can grab that cape from the wise old man Smile Smile

So lovely to hear how much you've enjoyed your time in the community and in the cc too, I hope it continues! My PM is always on if you need anything so never hesitate to drop me a message anytime. Until them, take care, stay safe and happy gaming bud!

This Land
This Land

Hello Runescapers! YP5zkAJ

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Hello Runescapers! Empty Re: Hello Runescapers!

Post by Spiritika Thu Jun 04, 2020 9:13 am

Hi Charles! Like you I've played RuneScape since the good ole days - 2006 for me and continuing when it transitioned into EOC though I didn't start playing OSRS until around the time it was released on mobile.

I think all of us remember our first battle with Elvarg such as your experience defeating him with your dragon long and dragon dagger. Just recently I defeated Elvarg in OSRS at level 67 combat and already having 160 quest points. I delayed starting because I didn't want dragons for slayer tasks. When I went to get a task from Vannaka and he assigned me blue dragons, I realized I had inadvertently started the quest when I got an anti-dragon shield from the Duke. Oops! At that point I figured I might as well complete the quest and at least now I can finally wear my Guthix platebody. Wink

I see a couple of your goals are the quest cape and completion of the hard diaries. Good luck completing them before your summer classes start. Smile

Hello Runescapers! YP5zkAJ

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