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Post by Smilieey Wed Mar 27, 2019 2:20 am

Howdy, my name is Brandon and I play under the screen name TheeProfit. I used to play under a different name with my Dad in my preteen years and we made it above 100 combat before Summoning rolled out, and moved on to different things shortly after. Came back and couldn't log on and don't have the details to recover the account so back to the drawing board.

Outside of Runescape I am living the college dream at Washington State University (Go Cougs) as an Educational Psychology major. When I'm not at school I'm either working as an in-home care worker, or at the poker table.

Inside of Runescape I'm working on leveling my combat and agility, looking at finding a few people to goof off with in chat/voice to break up the monotony of the grind and I have a good feeling that this will be the spot to find those people. But ultimately want to reach a point where I can goof off and play some Castle Wars (hopefully that's still a thing)

Thanks for listening to my monologue.

P.S. I'm not seasoned enough to figure out the official clan chat or anything like that. If someone could pass this on to a higher up who has the patience to work with and explain some simple mechanics of how this all works I would appreciate it! TIA!!! Very Happy

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Post by Bing Wed Mar 27, 2019 4:03 pm

Welcome to the clan Brandon!

Hope you are enjoying osrs - let's get you in the clan chat asap Smile Near your friends list, you'll see a button in game with 3 heads labeled Clan chat if you hover over it. To join the chat just enter the name 'Osrs Advice' and you'll join the official clan chat.

To get a smiley in the chat, post your username in this thread.

Hope you enjoy your time here.

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