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RuneLite Chat Filter - Cut Down on GE Spam and Bot Auto-Chats Empty RuneLite Chat Filter - Cut Down on GE Spam and Bot Auto-Chats

Post by Vigilantly Wed Sep 06, 2023 9:03 pm

There was some discussion today in the discord talking about chat filters and I wanted to share my compiled chat filter from several sources. It's a bit overkill, but I really, really hate ge spam.

For an example of what this can do for you, here is with and without these chat filters on W302.

With below filters:

Without below filters:

First, install the "Chat Filter" plugin on RuneLite. Make sure you have the 'Filter Type' as 'Remove Message' and set the 'Repeat Filter' to '1' to cut down on any repeat messages that aren't covered. I recommend leaving all of the other boxes unchecked so that the filter doesn't mess with friends or clan members.

From there, insert into "Filtered Words"
spending 2147m,2b for?,verified host,original host,big payouts,uidhosts,automated host,massive payouts,9 games available,poker,casino,dice,bet high,win big,discord,huge winnings,jackpot,search youtube,has declined the trade,has cashed in,with a roll,has ran out of time,show me your bank value,never get the sceptre,never give you the sceptre,they use glitches to scam,they bring you to unsafe banks,lurers to ignore,only coins & platinum accepted,Helloooo?,buying all good items,no one here have,Need help with inferno?,arcusgold,buying all valuable items,theres alot of ppl standing,Handmade Accounts, Bone Runner,Maxed House,workless cc,serving the prayer community,chill vibezzzz,[Workless], 2.1b for?,show me your bank wealth and i will double it, doubling all banks,uidhosting,show me your bank, coronavirus is spreading so i wanna help,trade me now and show your bank and you are hero, quadripling all cash,Anyone got 200m?,first who trades me and shows his total bank,im bitcoin millionaire and i have coronavirus,doubling bank!!,special late christmast!,trade me and show me all your best items,gold swap,bill swap,all bulks, show me 900m bank, 07 drop party tonight,Discord.Gg/rsmal|,Discörd.Gg/rsmal|,asino,C0M,safe & secure,C O*,welcome bonus,customers,500+ vouches,runescape marketplace,best prices,voted most, cheapest gold,payment methods, online support,first 25 players,stop wasting,52x2,(!High),buying elysian,stay within your limits!,every 5th bet,gg.Gg/aifarm

Insert into "Filtered Regex"
(?i)can|need someone (to )?donate
(?i)taking|accepting( all)? junk$
(?i)i need (gp|gold|money|items?) (please|pl(s|z))
(?i)quitting? .? giving \d+ percent.? (1|one) trade
(?i)trading up .*?
(?i)quitting.*?\d{2} percent of what you show
(?i)giving \d{2}% of what you show
(?i)(2|two|too?) trade (doubl|tripl)ing
(?i)(accepting|taking) (all )?donations?
(?i)(can )?(any\s?(1|one) )?(doubl|tripl)(e( my)?|ing) ((g(\sp|old)|money|items?).*?((\d+\s?[gkm] left|or (g(\sp|old)|money|items?))|up\s?to\s?\d+\s?[gkm])|((till )?\d+\s?[gkm]|g(\sp|old)|money|items?))
(?i)(can )?any\s?(1|one) (willing to |trade )?(doubl|tripl)(e|ing)
(?i)(doubl|tripl)ing( last call)?.*?(2|two|too?)\s?trades?
(?i)any\s(1|one) (spare |help with )((a)?(g(\sp|old)|money|items?|bond)|some junk)
(?i)can anyone.*?donate me (g(\sp|old)|money|items?)
(?i)can someone help a noob
(?i)can someone.*?(doubl|tripl)e (me|my) \d+\s?[gkm]
(?i)could use help with a bond
(?i)doubling gp or items \d+\s?[gkm] left
(?i)free membership
(?i)giving away .*? pm me
(?i)i do (1|one) trade (doubl|tripl)(e|ing)
(?i)i just got (scammed|hacked)
(?i)i'?ll (doubl|tripl)e your \d+\s?[gkm]
(?i)i'?m a noob,?\s?can someone help
(?i)need free (g(\sp|old)|money|items?)
(?i)please need \d+\s?gkm?
(?i)quitting .?giving \d+ percent.? show
(?i)quitting.?shows? me \d+\s?[gkm].?free \d+\s?[gkm]
(?i)selling \d{1,3} (trouts?|salmone?s?|tunas?|logs?)
(?i)taking unwanted junk
(?i)the first.*?won'?t regret it
(?i)trading up \d+\s?[gkm]
(?i)want to earn.?money.?account
(?i)(best|come play).*?rsps
(?i)c\s?[o0]\s?m.*?bet g(\s?p|old)
(?i)(exchange|swap.?) ((rs3.?|eoc.*?)|07|osrs|os) (g(\sp|old)|money|items?)
(?i)(join.?)?most trusted.?(g\s?p |gold )?swap (cc|clan chat)
(?i)(search on )?(twitch(/tv)?|youtube)(.?win \d+\s?[gkm]|.?give\s?aways?)
(?i)bypass g.e limits at [[({].*?[])}] cc
(?i)firecape & acc
(?i)join\s?([[({].?swap.?[])}]|>>.?<<.?most trusted|.?check forums|.?for daily rewards|.?most trusted.?swap cc)
(?i)trusted exchange service.*?swap
(?i)se11 g01d & a((.*?1oook\s?/\s?o.\d.?u.?s.?d
(?i)swap your ((07|d.?m.?m|rs3)\s?/\s?(07|d.?m.?m|rs3)\s?/\s?(07|d.?m.?m|rs3))\s?(g(\s?p|old)|money|items?)
(?i)swap(ing)?.*?rs3/07(/dmm) g(p|old)
(?i)want to transfer your (rs3/07|07/rs3)
(?i) bet is between \d+\s?[gkm]\s?-\s?\d+\s?[gkm]
(?i).*? has rec(ei|ie)ved: \d+\s?[gkm]\s?$
(?i).*? lost.*? with a \d+\s?$
(?i).*? wins! \d+\s?[gkm] with a \d+\s?$
(?i)\s?big wins.*?(\d+\s?[gkm]\s?(to|2|-)\s?\d+\s?[gkm])
(?i)trade from .*?: \d+\s?[gkm]\s?$
(?i)(| )5\d\s?-\s?100\s?=\s?w\s?i\s?n.*?\d+\s?[gkm] (to|too|2|-) \d+\s?[gkm]
(?i)(legit.?)?dice game(.?trusted.*?huge payouts?)?
(?i)(\d+\s?[gkm] - \d+\s?[gkm]).*?[[({]?\d{2}:\d{2}:\d{2}[])}]?
(?i)(\d+\s?[gkm] - \d+\s?[gkm]).?trade to play.?[[({]\d{2}:\d{2}:\d{2}[])}]
(?i)[[({].*?[])}] - [[({]\d+\s?[gkm][])}] bet
(?i)[[({]\d+\s?[gkm] min[])}] - [[({]\d+\s?[gkm] max[])}]
(?i)[[({]\d+\s?[gkm][])}] paid
(?i)[[({]lose[])}] rolled.*?unlucky
(?i)[[({]win[])}] rolled [[({]\d+[])}]
(?i)1-100 [[({]over \d+[])}].*? win double
(?i)dicing.*?(dice|flower) games?
(?i)\d{2}\s?-\s?100.*?\d+\s?[gkm] min
(?i)original host.*?\d+\s?[gkm] min
(?i)\d{2}x\d.*?\d+\s?[gkm] min
(?i)drop parties.?give\s?aways?.?dice games?
(?i)goodie bag.*?choose a number
(?i)has (been paid.?\d+\s?[gkm]|(lost.?|won.?[[({]\d+\s?[gkm].?)with a roll)
(?i)has (lost|won) \d+\s?[gkm] with a roll of
(?i)has rec(ei|ie)ved .? win.? \d+\s?[gkm]
(?i)has rolled an? [[({]\s?\d+\s?[])}] and (has )?(lost|won)( the pot of [[({]\d+(.\d+)?\s?[gkm]|.*?[[({]\d{2}:\d{2}:\d{2}[])}])
(?i)[[({]\d+\s?gkm?[])}].*?trade to play
(?i)has traded [[({]\d+(.\d+)?\s?[gkm].*?[[({]\d{2}:\d{2}:\d{2}[])}]
(?i)hosting.*?\d+\s?[gkm] min
(?i)(huge|massive) payouts?.*?(\d+\s?[gkm] to \d+\s?[gkm]
(?i)next \d+.*?win \d+\s?[gkm]
(?i)original rng is back.*?(\d+\s?[gkm] to \d+\s?[gkm]
(?i)want to bet.*? (gold|gp|coins|money)
(?i)over 5\d .?\d+\s?[gkm] min.?(legit|quick plays?)
(?i)random 1-100 .?win double .?[[({]\d+\s?[gkm]-\d+\s?[gkm][])}]
(?i)rolled [[({]\s?\d+\s?[])}].*?[[({]\s?(lose|win)\s?[])}]
(?i)time limit reached, declining
(?i)trade accepted for .*?amount
(?i)you only need to trade.?current queue.?[[({]\d+[])}]
(?i)won [[({]\s?\d+\s?[gkm]\s?[])}] by rolling [[({]\s?\d+\s?[])}]
(?i) lost by rolling [[({]\s?\d+\s?[])}]
(?i)big payouts.*?[[({]\s?\d+\s?[gkm]\s?-\s?\d+\s?[gkm]\s?[])}]
(?i)big win.*?[[({]?\s?\d+\s?[gkm]\s?-\s?\d+\s?[gkm]\s?[])}]? [[({]\s?\d+\s?+\s?[])}]
(?i)trade accepted.*?[[({]\s?\d+\s?[gkm]\s?[])}]
(?i)lost by rolling [[({]\s?\d+\s?[])}]
(?i)\d+\s?[gkm] minimum.*?\d{2}:\d{2}:\d{2}
(?i)0\s?-\s?100.?\d+\s?[gkm]\s?-\s?\d+\s?[gkm].?paid out
(?i)join runescape'?s most trusted
(?i)[s ][a ][l ][e ]\s?g[o|0][l|1]d\s?&\s?a[c|[][c|[]
(?i)\d+\s?[gkm]+? give\s?aways?
(?i)discord.?free \d+\s?[gkm].?give\s?aways?
(?i)given away every hour
(?i)huge give\s?aways?.*?(twitch/?t?v?|youtube)\s?/
(?i)j?o?i?n?.*?\d+\s?(\s?[gkm]|million) give\s?aways?
(?i)rewarding players \d+\s?[gkm].*?(twitch|youtube)
(?i)weekly.*?earn up to \d+\s?[gkm] o?s?r?s? g(\s?p|old)
(?i)(rewarding|win) \d+\s?gkm?.*?youtube
(?i)winners .*?search\s+youtube
(?i)join ([[({])?discord.*?(gamble today|flower games)
(?i)commission staking.*?discord
(?i)(giveaway|reward(ing)?).*?search (on )?y[o0]utube
(?i)accounts stocked \d+\s?[gkm].*?giveaways
(?i)(join|crazy winnings?!?).?\d+\s?[gkm] min.?roll \d{2}+
(?i)swap safely.*?trusted
(?i)most trusted swap clan
(?i)(giving|next) \d+ players (win )?\d+\s?[gkm]
(?i)\d+ lucky participants will win \d+\s?[gkm]
(?i)lucky.*?look (o|0)n you,?tube?
(?i)\d+\s?[gkm].*?roll \d{2}+
Lurers to ignore
The next 25 players
Do not attempt to antiscam the sceptre
Sceptre lurers use glitches to push
Massing Cox/Corp/Gwd/Events
Tired of skilling & questing?
Person who shows me most wealth
Bet High, Win Big!
Verified Host
Bet Responsibly
I just tried to say something very silly
Huge Payouts
(100k Min)
Massing Cox/Corp/GWD
Search youtube:-
Hide your name
has cashed in
has lost slots
lost with a roll of
WK Swap
Sceptre lurers use a fake antiscam
is a lurer using glitches
Quitting! Giving
Arcus Go*ld
Arcus Go ld
RC Swap
100m drop party
caw cc
let me brighten your day with a funny joke
funny jokes for only 50k
buy a joke for 50k
selling jokes for only 50k
Who shows biggest bank wins
.*Search youtube now :.*
.* @ Partypetegp.*
.*youtube now:.*
Selling Bulk.*

And finally into "Filtered Names"
^(vegas|raise|gamble|rng|roll|trusted) \d{3,}$
^veg [a-z]\d[a-z]\d$

It's essentially a compilation of Chat Filter text that I've found across Reddit, Discord, and other people, but I've also added some of my own over time. Also shout out Penny and Alchs, added their text in as well. Definitely overkill, but I'll try to keep it updated as I add or remove anything. It makes the GE and general public chat a lot more pleasant.

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