EASTER EVENT!!! 4/16/22

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EASTER EVENT!!! 4/16/22 Empty EASTER EVENT!!! 4/16/22

Post by Bunny Mon Apr 11, 2022 8:13 pm


Saturday April 16, 2022 17:30 UTC

And what is 'it' you ask? The one event of the year that Rabbitdude's outfit makes sense!
Oh, I mean... our EASTER EVENT!!!  Easter Bunny

We have a special guest co-host for this event - the lovely @CuteJenni I love you

We are going to be doing the Jagex Easter event together during this event, so try to hold off doing it until then if you can.

Next we have fashionscape. 👗  The categories are 'best dressed for Easter' and 'worst dressed for Easter'.

We're gonna weed out the dumb-dumbs among us (me) with some Easter trivia!

Good luck finding the Easter BunnyBooty! We're finishing up with a couple rounds of hide and seek

Oh and did I mention you can win a share of 150m!? Prizes will be replaced with bonds for irons.

Hope to see you all there! Happy Easter! Easter Bunny Easter Bunny

EASTER EVENT!!! 4/16/22 4068HaS

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EASTER EVENT!!! 4/16/22 Empty Re: EASTER EVENT!!! 4/16/22

Post by EvanKHell Mon Apr 11, 2022 11:27 pm

I'll maybe make it and maybe not as i'll be driving back from my easter holiday.

But i'll make sure to share my easter outfit in discord, if i don't make it.

EASTER EVENT!!! 4/16/22 YP5zkAJ

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EASTER EVENT!!! 4/16/22 Empty Re: EASTER EVENT!!! 4/16/22

Post by Jennirous Sat Apr 16, 2022 4:18 pm

EASTER EVENT!!! 4/16/22 2022-019
EASTER EVENT!!! 4/16/22 2022-020

Thank you everyone for coming to the clan Easter event hosted by @Bunny and myself! I hope everyone had a blast! It was my first ever event co hosting so apologies if the event went a little too long! (Noted for next time) I wish you all a wonderful and amazing Easter Sunday, and hope everyone stays safe this Easter weekend!

EASTER EVENT!!! 4/16/22 YP5zkAJ

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