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JANGOs Introduction. Empty JANGOs Introduction.

Post by JANGO Tue Nov 09, 2021 6:09 pm

Hi Everyone,
Melvin here and I'm from Kerala, India which is a beautiful nature driven place (come visit anytime, just not now …Covids been bad). I am a returning player due to covid and been playin actively since. A year back or so i found this clan/forum by finding a beautifully written raids guide and gear progression guide and always found that really cool, a persons dedication to teach other clan members raids while she herself could be making money but at that moment i was glued on to my personal goal of getting the quest cape and also complete my chartered accountancy course along with it...so i couldn't bother with a clan seeing as i couldn't be active. Right now i am a chartered acc intern and also have my quest cape and i am back to playing RuneScape <3

My eventual goals are all pets and slowly max my acc and also having an elysian(i mean who doesn't).I'm really friendly and an open person so if anyone wants a friend to talk to or just chill with i am always there. So hoping to see you all ingame. I play a lot of games mainly fps like cs, valorant,apex etc(hit me up in disc if yall wanna have fun in there) and my game tag is usually Jango but didn't get that name in rs so i just change names when i get bored with one Razz. My current IGN is B XP. Wont be changing it for a long time.
Oh btw I had a chat with the clans leader Bear...such a humble and friendly guy who makes you feel comfortable talking to him.
Huge shoutout to bear for helping me join the clan seamlessly.

Hope yall have a nice day.
Peace. Easter Bunny

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JANGOs Introduction. Empty Re: JANGOs Introduction.

Post by Bu Tue Nov 09, 2021 6:31 pm


Glad to hear you're back playing again! I am too as of recently. Seems like you have some pretty high goals! I believe in you! I might just take you up on the offer to chat so I look forward to chatting in game and having you around.


JANGOs Introduction. M2gyq

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JANGOs Introduction. Empty Re: JANGOs Introduction.

Post by EvanK-Hell Wed Nov 10, 2021 10:57 am

Welcome to the clan and off site Smile

Check out our clan discord and join our weekly skilling events, more info on that in discord. Also try your luck in our monthly lottery.

JANGOs Introduction. YP5zkAJ

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