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Tanking for Tips! Empty Tanking for Tips!

Post by C3 H5 N309 Mon Oct 04, 2021 9:29 pm

(Shame I didn't have this idea about a week sooner but... oh well, sorry I missed the bingo!)
I really gave Corp the old college try, but 200+ hours getting 1000 solo kills was soul crushing. So I'm changing my strategy!

I will now be offering Tanking/Boosting services for free*! I want to enjoy the game in a relatively pressure free environment, watch other people succeed, and then whatever tips I get are great. No splits, no drama, no worrying about damage.

I can setup for most things (though elysian is out of reach at the moment). I'm really bad at the video game, but if all I have to do is sit there and potion share, I should be just fine.

I may need some pointers on tank mechanics or gear specific for you/team, but I'm happy to learn whatever I need. Below are the bosses I am willing to tank. Those marked with (L) I would need help on the specific tank mechanics, but I have killed them before:
Bosses I’m willing to tank/boost
Bandos (L)
Kril (L)
Mole (more of a boost than a tank, but still)
DKs (L)
Sarachnis (L)
Wildy bosses (I will teleport and spec the boss, then just dps until it kills me. I hate the wilderness so much it makes my teeth hurt, but this way I’m risk free and you get faster kills!)

Bosses I'm willing to learn or Boost:
Raids 1 (LLL) (not even sure if a tank helps?)
Kree and Zil (can you even tank these?)

Bosses I won't do:
Corp (I'll still do teams, but this pet is my only goal in the game any more so... not quite that altruistic. Once I get it though, I'm down!)

Anywhere else you can think of I'm good with. Again would like to remind you though: REALLY BAD AT THE VIDEO GAME. My maxxing was an act of beating the game into submission, not one of talent.

If you want a free boost/tank, just message me in game. I keep my private set to on, so you all you have to do is message me. I'll be a bit on the sporadic side due to school, work, and 3 other obligations I've stacked myself with, but I'm here to help when I can.

Free*: Obviously supplies cost, but I don't really mind. I don't have enough for an ely but I have enough for supplies for tens of thousands of hours. If you get a big drop and feel inclined to toss me something, that will go towards required equipment first, then Corp boosters until the pet or the end times. Don't feel pressured to tip at all, but every bit is a big help!
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Tanking for Tips! Empty Re: Tanking for Tips!

Post by Penny Tue Oct 05, 2021 2:20 pm

Wow this is such a generous use of your time! I wish I could take you up on the Bandos tank offer Razz

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