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Post by Bloomsky Thu Sep 09, 2021 9:42 am

Hey guys!

Just letting you know the New World Open Beta is now live from 9th September - 12th September a new MMORPG by Amazon games. Ill be playing now and then and have already pre-ordered the deluxe edition but feel free to checkout the open beta which is free for everyone on steam! Ill be keeping my name the same on there as Bloomsky and ill be playing on an EU server Niflmheim. Currently waiting to get in so many players are waiting to get into the game and waiting in long queues of up to 1-2 hours!

What do you think of my character? Smile

New World Open Beta F53-F6-B71-0-F8-F-4943-8-D8-D-090-EA71-DD327
New World Open Beta BC048464-A799-4-A5-D-AF0-B-191-E7046-EE7-B
New World Open Beta FDDA6-AB5-979-E-4-FFC-AD8-B-363-C0-E81-DBE9

Of course nothing will replace runescape thats my go to game. But its so much fun trying out new MMO’s too! Theirs crafting, fishing, gathering skills, pvp, pvm, dungeons, raids, armour, weapons, houses, pets!

Checkout the latest trailers!


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