my humble thanks to you fellas

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my humble thanks to you fellas Empty my humble thanks to you fellas

Post by mahmu wife Sun Sep 05, 2021 1:10 pm

Hello and thank you very much for making me a part of the gang.

hard to give a few people shoutouts so i´d try my best to not name from a to z.

i would not be here if diamondtusk would have not told me about you fellas so my first thanks goes to him. i did my first kbd kills with him and i hope you get that juicy pet very soon my dear. <3

second of all i would like to thank ladybird for beeing the real trooper to scout and call me to all thoose stars where i met even more nice people, not possible without your hawkvision in the sky. <3

i also would like to thank cruxx for hosting my first ever gwd entrance in all theese years. it was a pleassure and i hope rng will not fail us again. it was very very veeeery cool to get the combat achievments done one by one and probably my happiest moment in the clan so far. much for that.

another big thanks goes to bear for giving me the opportunity to prove myself as a solid member, thanks for giving me the sapphire (and everyone who voted for me, i will make falador great again)

another goes to all of you, yes all, legit all, without a doubt all. the size of the clan while i write this is 351 people large and i havent met a single yonky donky person. to all thoose people that have build this clan and may have left long ago, for whatever reasons. i also thank you for leaving this for us and me.

much love, stay safe, dont lick doorbells.

mahmu wife
mahmu wife
mahmu wife

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my humble thanks to you fellas Empty Re: my humble thanks to you fellas

Post by Riolu Sun Sep 05, 2021 3:10 pm

That's awesome to hear that you've had a fantastic experience with us so far Very Happy I hope to see you around more often and do some fun stuff with you in the clan soon

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