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Random acts of kindness Empty Random acts of kindness

Post by TomeiPowered Sat Aug 07, 2021 7:18 pm

After a recent experience, I thought it would be a neat idea for people to share their experiences of random acts of kindness in OSRS (either on the receiving or giving end).

My experience:

I was asking a couple of 123/124cb ironmen for some advice on getting consistent kills at the gauntlet.
One of them advised that the Rigour and Augury prayers go a long way in helping cut down the Hunnlef a bit quicker but I told them my prayer was only 70 and I was nowhere near rich enough to afford to unlock the prayers, so I'd go and practice some other PvM to git gud.

One of the players asked me to wait around for a bit, came back and said they had a spare Arcane scroll which they dropped for me.
The other player then asked me to tele to the GE where they traded me a Dex scroll & 2k dragon bones and said "This should help the kc, no excuse now!"

These two sweethearts just gave away 16m like it was nothing and helped progress my character so much more than they know :')

I know I like to try and be generous to players (without ruining the fun of the grind) and I hope I can someday instil the same joy in other players.

What have some of your experiences been?

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Random acts of kindness Empty Re: Random acts of kindness

Post by Jack Tomato Thu Aug 19, 2021 12:46 pm

When I was lvl 1-60ish on F2P I constantly came across kind players who gifted me gear, bonds, and GP. It was really remarkable!!

Sad thing is since becoming a member I've been scammed twice ):
Jack Tomato
Jack Tomato

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Random acts of kindness Empty Re: Random acts of kindness

Post by 7josh Fri Jan 28, 2022 9:32 pm

I used to be pretty wealthy on this game(not anymore), All I did on the weekends was drink beer and PvP in Edgeville back when that was still a thing which usually led to me having to much to drink and hosting drop parties in the Edgeville bank alot, over a billion gp. haha ironically now I'm poor and my total bank is worth about 10m.

I miss Edgeville and Varrock wilderness, when I was a kid when this game was new I loved pking at varrock and Hill Giants, usually in clans sometimes of 100 strong and these fond memories keep drawing me back to the game.

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