Thank you @Everyone + can't wait for 2021!

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Thank you @Everyone + can't wait for 2021! Empty Thank you @Everyone + can't wait for 2021!

Post by Bhking22 Wed Dec 23, 2020 4:51 am

Just wanted to take a moment to say thank you to everyone in the clan, all the way from Bear down to the smileys, for making this a really fun year in OSRS. The support that this CC provides is amazing, the events are fun, and overall this CC is the best part of playing OSRS for me. PvM challenge in the fall was the highlight no doubt, so a special shoutout to the PvM challenge staff for organizing...that pushed me to try a bunch of new bosses for the first time and gave me the confidence I needed to get more into pvm. Can't wait to more fun with everyone in 2021, hope everyone has a great holiday and a happy new year!

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Thank you @Everyone + can't wait for 2021! Empty Re: Thank you @Everyone + can't wait for 2021!

Post by Guitarist141 Wed Dec 23, 2020 9:30 am

Yes, the hard work everyone puts in makes an incredible result!
Of course, not just hard work such as event organization, PVM bingo, HNS, random "in 5 minutes..." things...
I mean the energy people bring to the CC. It's one thing to hold an event for people to join, but it's an entirely separate thing for how everyone interacts and treats each other.

As I'm approaching a year since I found this CC listed in some online post from I think a few years ago, I'm realizing it's the people that keep me logging in, playing, listening to music in discord, bantering, trying new things, and more! It's the environment that makes the grinds go smoother as we laugh and relax.

I'm looking forward to playing with everyone, and meeting all the new members, next year and beyond Smile As I suppose my next goal is achievement diary cape, I'll have to organize an event like my quest point cape one last April....but even bigger and better!

Thank you everyone, and thanks BH for starting this post. <3

Thank you @Everyone + can't wait for 2021! YP5zkAJ

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Thank you @Everyone + can't wait for 2021! Empty Re: Thank you @Everyone + can't wait for 2021!

Post by The Crux Sat Dec 26, 2020 4:26 pm

Agree with what everything you and guitar have said Smile came back a couple of months ago and the community we've got has kept me going. I look forward to seeing what the new year has in store for us! Thanks everyone - best of luck and happy new year!
The Crux
The Crux

Thank you @Everyone + can't wait for 2021! U7euiv5

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