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Post by The Crux Tue Dec 22, 2020 6:13 pm


It's been a little over two months now since I started playing again, and reintroduced myself on the offsite.
It's been great chatting with everyone and seeing how much OSRS Advice has grown since I was last active years ago. Also, just enjoying all the new content!

Wanted to give a bit of an update on my progress shout out some people who've made the last couple of months great Pepo Heart

In the last couple of months I've:

Achieved my first 99 - Magic - as well as 3 others! Construction, HP, and Farming

Completed major quests like MM2, Song of the Elves, Sins of the Father, and Dragon Slayer 2. Also have gained nearly 100 quest points!

Have done ALMOST all hard diaries (I cba doing mage arena for 6 hrs but I will soon smh my head), and am now working towards Elites

Reached 90 slayer and base 90 cb stats

Base 70s (working on 80s now)

1.8k & 1.9k total - just 39 more to 2k at the time of this post.

Two new pets - Kraken and Skotos

Time for shoutouts!

First - Bearrows. We've not interacted much, but seeing the clan under new leadership was a surprise to me and I'm glad you were able to transition and keep the clan thriving! Also shoutout to Hailey for still popping in every now and then and finding ways to stay involved!

PugTart - probably my oldest OSRS Advice pal, glad to see you're still around and after all these years have kept up the bit of calling me Brad Pitt haha. Also ALL the messing around at GE. Love it. Bootheads unite

Syllabic - for being an all-around good guy and being a part of the glue keeping things together. The Xmas event was great. I believe it's the only one I've done with the CC!

TurtleWurdle - for taking me on my first few COX Raids - they've been informative! I will.......eventually get better at Olm. It's great to see you take the time and help so many other clannies get their bearings with COX. Appreciate it man!

This Land - For hosting the weekly boss events. I have thoroughly enjoyed Nightmare and it's become my favorite boss, and you were super helpful while learning its mechanics!

Cheesy Capes......for......existing. (Also letting me barrage him for 99hp even tho I splashed like 20 times and almost ran out of runes)

Etongo, for being a thing

All the mods for keeping things together. And of course, everyone else who's been welcoming/has good energy in-game & on the discord.

I'm thoroughly enjoying playing again - even more so than I did when I first started playing OSRS years back. And I'm glad to have a good community to do it with.

With the whole pandemic going on this year, having a more flexible schedule, etc., I'm surprised I didn't come back sooner! But I'm here now, and will definitely be around even after we achieve a sense of "normalcy" post-pandemic.

Happy scaping, y'all. Thanks for having a read!  Pepo Heart
The Crux
The Crux

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Post by Bear Tue Dec 22, 2020 6:31 pm

'preciate chu Cruxx Pepo Heart

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AKA Bearrows

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ALL the Shoutouts/Progress Update Empty Re: ALL the Shoutouts/Progress Update

Post by PugTart Tue Dec 22, 2020 6:34 pm

congrats on all of your achievements and so happy to have you around! Pepo Heart

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ALL the Shoutouts/Progress Update Empty Re: ALL the Shoutouts/Progress Update

Post by Muffin Tue Dec 22, 2020 6:57 pm

Great progress dude, hard diaries hit different!

CC is better with you in it Crux <3 wishing you happy holidays and congratulations on your progress!

I'm delicious AND nutritious!

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ALL the Shoutouts/Progress Update Empty Re: ALL the Shoutouts/Progress Update

Post by ellipsism Tue Dec 22, 2020 7:39 pm

big congrats on all these achievements! that's a lot of great progress in two months Smile

it's always good to see you in game, you're always making jokes and just generally a positive person to be around. good luck continuing the grind!

merry christmas and happy holidays santa

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ALL the Shoutouts/Progress Update Empty Re: ALL the Shoutouts/Progress Update

Post by Syllabic Wed Dec 23, 2020 4:20 am

Well, I dunno about glue, but I am kinda sticky Etongo

It's been such a treat having you around, Paul. You've got that contagious positivity about you. And anyone willing to put up with my dumb sense of humour deserves a shoutout themselves, lol

Feels like a lot longer than two months since you came back (in a good way). Here's to many more Smile

P.S. Great progress! You'll have passed me before you know it!

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