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Hey everyone! Empty Hey everyone!

Post by Aonye Fri Aug 07, 2020 9:45 pm

Hey everyone!

Since I've been socializing and offering advice in the CC for a couple weeks now, I thought I'd formally say hi. (Warning: random long story ahead)

I started playing rs2 around April 2008 and quit a few months after dungeoneering came out, like late 2010. I was kinda close (not really) to max and I wasn't really having fun with the game with all the seemingly random changes anymore. To combat my addiction at the time, I decided to do something irreversible and chuck my bank at the sand casino (of course I lost). After that, I just picked up league of legends in its place, so nothing changed. :shrugs:

I followed the game since. I saw the OSRS poll and then release, but never mustered the motivation to play since my irl friends and clan mates all quit. Then in Oct 2019, I met a colleague at work and we bonded over our childhood experiences with RS. He told me he plays on and off, so I thought a good way to build a relationship with him would be by giving the game a chance. Turns out I got baited, because he himself doesn't actively play (think: RS black market community). Nonetheless, I started to casually work on an account.

Out of a sense of nostalgia, I worked towards an idealized version of my account build in rs2 (maxed zerker because I accidentally got 2 def/21 def respectively). I afked at sand crabs and did farm runs casually for 4 months. Maxed in January of this year and I got the prime fashionscape of first 99 as hitpoints as a no prayer pure. Sadly, I was an idiot and I picked up my untrimmed hp capes instead of tele grabbing it on a subsequent 99. I got really upset, so I started another pure in frustration. Into the afk grind again at like base 80s, I got really bored and unmotivated. I did some self-reflection and I decided I actually wanted to play the game instead of grinding stats for fashionscape/flexing, so thus I created my main in Feb 2020.

My three accounts:
-Rin x Ishtar (current name - main)
-Orb walking (pure #1)
-Hisashiburi (pure #2)

Back in the day, I used to be a tip.it/zybez fiend. I don't like not knowing something. That's basically how I came to built my game knowledge. I don't claim to know everything, but I try to kindly offer advice and limit or correct misinformation if I see it.

Lastly, I actually have no clue how I came to w354. I'm pretty sure I arbitrarily chose the world when I came back in Oct 2019 because of its ping and because my first account couldn't get into the total worlds. Anyhow, I was pretty much a solo player for most of the afk grind before I randomly struck up conversations with people at GE that I didn't know were a part of this clan.

Anyways, that's all I got. Shoot me a message in game or add me if you wanna talk. I'm pretty active on discord too (same name), so feel free to shoot me a message there.

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Hey everyone! Empty Re: Hey everyone!

Post by Tinnitus Fri Aug 07, 2020 9:58 pm

Hey Rin, 

Nice to have you here bud. Always a pleasure to see friendly faces joining the offsite - glad you decided to sign up here Smile

I seem to be an oddy here, but Dungeoneering was actually my favorite skill before I quit once EoC went live. Pretty funny though, I also picked up LoL after I quit RS those years ago. I still play an odd game or two on LoL every now and again with a few IRL buddies when we all manage to line our schedules up. 

I also got back into runescape when OSRS went live only because a few IRL buddies pushed me to try it out. Most of them have quit now lol, but luckily a few still have stuck around. It's crazy how much friends can influence you to play a certain game. Definitely would not be as fun without them!

Funny that you mentioned trimming your HP cape. I too, had an untrimmed HP cape (actually, I bought around 11 or so, lol) and managed to trim all of them within a week after getting my 2nd 99. Needless to say, it was not a very happy 99 party, lol.

Best of luck on your accounts. You seem to be in the mindset that you'll achieve whatever you plan on though, so it's not like you need it. Catch you in game  FeelsOkayMan

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Hey everyone! Empty Re: Hey everyone!

Post by Syllabic Fri Aug 07, 2020 10:32 pm

Hey Rin! Nice to see a formal introduction from you. That's uh, certainly a long one, lol. Great first step toward getting ranked!

I quit the game a short while after Dungeoneering myself. I enjoyed it well enough, but by that time I was ready to move onto other games, namely the stuff my friends were, ya now, actually playing (Modern Warfare 2, namely. Played that semi-competitively for several years). Essentially forgot about RS entirely until 2018, when my friend started urging me to dust off my old account with him. We both got bored pretty quickly, and I quit for over a year before I got the itch again and found the CC through pure chance. Been playing since July 2019 with none of my usual intermittent breaks, so I guess I'm doing something right this time!

All that account building sounds exhausting, if I'm honest. A good friend of mine that used to play was pretty similar to you. He's since quit (for good?), after I finally convinced him to ruin one of his accounts so we could boss together. Come to think of it, maybe it was my fault Razz As for me, I like the ideal of specialized builds and such, but I know I'd never be 100 percent happy, and probably burn out pretty quick. Truthfully, the social side of OSRS is what appeals to me most. I wouldn't play if I didn't have a community to interact with, and the actual gameplay side of things is... really just a means to an end.

I'm not sure how I decided on W354 either, actually. It was my go-to even before I joined the clan, despite the ping being pretty awful for an NA world. Stuck with it ever since though, and I try to avoid hopping wherever possible. Nice to be able to tele to the GE at any time and see people you recognize.   And always a pleasure to see more regulars joining up. Hard for other clans to compete with our bankstanding crew. Especially with Ash around, unmoving monolith that he is Smile

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Hey everyone! Empty Re: Hey everyone!

Post by Spiritika Thu Aug 13, 2020 6:25 pm

Hi Rin,
I've been playing RuneScape off and on since 2006 and got close to max in RS3 but Invention was released before I hit max. I haven't played RS3 actively since just after the release of Invention. I started playing OSRS around the time it was released on mobile and I've been enjoying it a lot.

I'm fairly new to the clan but in the time I've been here, I've found everyone to be friendly and helpful. I think it's a great clan to be a part of. Welcome. Smile

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