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Bank layout inspiration thread! Empty Bank layout inspiration thread!

Post by Sappiness Tue Jul 21, 2020 11:52 am

Hi loves! <3

I'm looking for some bank layouts! Share me your tabs/full bank layout to give eachother some inspiration! Still debating if i even should use the tabs...

Thanks in advance!

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Bank layout inspiration thread! Empty Re: Bank layout inspiration thread!

Post by Spiritika Tue Jul 21, 2020 6:17 pm

I find using tabs is a lot easier for me to keep my bank organized.

General tab - Cash, runes, teleports such as Ectophial and Chronicle.

Tab 1 - Worn equipment and weapons, grouped by weapon type and armor type.

Tab 2 - Food, drink, and ingredients to make them.

Tab 3 - Crafting and skilling including gems, items to make glass, ores and bars, logs and fletching supplies, fishing supplies, tools.

Tab 4 - Farming supplies.

Tab 5 - Herbs, secondaries, potions.

Tab 6 - Slayer including specialize slayer gear and loot from slayer.

Tab 7 - Fashionscape.

Tab 8 - Quest items.

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Bank layout inspiration thread! YP5zkAJ

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Bank layout inspiration thread! Empty Re: Bank layout inspiration thread!

Post by Muffin Tue Jul 21, 2020 10:06 pm

My layout was heavily inspired off one that got posted here MONTHS ago. Gonna follow Spiritika's outline above:

General tab: Runes, Teleports (including things like ectophial/seed/diary armour)

Tab 1: My "main" tab. Contains cash stack, mantas/anglers/karambwans (I don't really use any other kind of food, so I just stick it here), all my melee/range/mage gear (which I try to organize as best I can)

Tab 2: Potion/Herblore supplies

Tab 3: Dank L O O T tab

Tab 4: Farming tab, including seeds and all gear (rake/spade/dibber/secateurs)

Tab 5: General Skilling tab, including graceful/any other skilling outfit, tools (dragon axe/pickaxe/harpoon etc.) as well as my skillcapes.

Tab 6: Skilling supplies tab, where I juggle mats for crafting or bank gathered mats

Tab 7: My "quest tab". Essentally where I throw away any keys/quest items I might need from time to time.

Tab 8: Fashionscape tab Cool

I also highly recommend using tags if you tend to go back to the same gear/setup often! I'm currently only using three (one for herb runs, another for CoX and another for Grotesques Guardians) but I plan to set more up!

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Bank layout inspiration thread! GpGlyzJ

Bank layout inspiration thread! F77sK4H

Bank layout inspiration thread! SHfiTAs

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Bank layout inspiration thread! Empty Re: Bank layout inspiration thread!

Post by Maria Kati Wed Jul 22, 2020 11:59 pm

Tab 1 : Cash teleports
Tab 2 Weapons ..arrows.. etc armor equipment..slayer gear
Tab 3 Fashion
Tab 4 Mining items ..gems ..ore.
Tab 5 General skilling including (special clothing for the skills)
Tab 6-Clue items/drops/items needed for med clues
Tab 7 Quest items
Tab 8 Farming
Maria Kati
Maria Kati

Bank layout inspiration thread! YP5zkAJ

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