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Found joy in OSRS Empty Found joy in OSRS

Post by Dubs4 Wed May 20, 2020 7:30 pm

Hi All. I have played Runescape since classic and throughout the years have periodically logged in. I recall reading about trade being limited and then the evolution of combat. All total buzz killers for a game I always came back to. I played when Darkscape came out and was devastated when they killed it.

When mobile was released for OSRS I was addicted to my phone on f2p and enjoyed it so much. After a month or so I just stopped playing. Eventually I returned and got members. Well while browsing reddit I stumbled upon OSRS Advice CC somewhere and joined. My entire time playing was made even better by those in the CC. I only played for a month and never officially joined.

As is usual, I am returning again! I attempt to get my RL friends to return with me but I can't convince them! Any suggestions? Anyways I hope I was not completely forgotten by those who saw me around for that month (A couple months ago).

OSRS is the best! Excited to play again.


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Found joy in OSRS Empty Re: Found joy in OSRS

Post by Syllabic Thu May 21, 2020 2:36 am

Hey Dubs. Nice to see you posting on here FeelsOkayMan I remember you from last time!

God, I haven't thought about DarkScape in years. Unfortunately missed out on it at the time, but it seemed like a super cool idea (despite my overall lack of interest in PVP). I suppose we have similar stuff in Old School these days, with Deadman Mode being a permanent fixture and all, but it seems to be pretty barren aside from the seasonal variant.

Lovely to hear that you've been enjoying the CC so much Very Happy It's the only thing that keeps me playing a lot of the time. It's also the main reason I continue to be a serial bankstander, haha. Easier to get stuck at the GE chatting when there are always people around to talk to, I guess.

As for getting your IRL friends to start playing again... beats me. I originally returned along with a friend of mine from wayyy back in the day. He played for about a month before realizing that the grind just wasn't for him. A couple others were briefly interested, but ended up bowing out before they'd even finished creating their accounts, haha. Hopefully you have better luck than I did Smile

Not sure if you're already familiar with it, but feel free to check us out on Discord if you haven't already. We'd love to have you! Lots of people hanging out in voice chat almost every day since quarantine started as well, if that's something you're into. I think it's done a lot to help stave off everyone's collective boredom.

See ya in-game!

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Found joy in OSRS Empty Re: Found joy in OSRS

Post by This Land Thu May 21, 2020 4:17 am

Hey Dubs and a warm welcome to OSRS Advice Smile

Whilst I know it's hard / weird / a bit sad when all your IRL friends quit a game that you aren't ready to let go yet is tough I know that your experience will 100% be improved sticking around with us! Looks like you've been around here before so I won't go on to say why but hopefully if you continue hanging out it'll make your enjoyment for the game that much more +1.

In terms of any suggestions for potentially getting your friends back on-board, perhaps the large Group Ironman update due to be released at the end of this year (although COVID might delay it slightly) would be a good thing to position to them as the Ironman way of life is most definitely unique and the 'Group' aspect allows you guys to share the experience together which I think is so awesome.

Like Syll said we have our discord channel too, if you've had any issues finding it then here's the link for you anyway:

Looking forward to chatting more when we're both in-game! Until them, take care and stay safe Smile

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This Land

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Found joy in OSRS Empty Re: Found joy in OSRS

Post by Spiritika Thu May 21, 2020 8:26 pm

Hi Dubs! I'm new to the clan but not to RuneScape. I've been playing since 2006 and continued when it transitioned into EOC, which I played for years. I created a Classic account one of the times they opened it up but never actually played it beyond walking around Lumbridge. It was interesting seeing how the game began and the changes that took place over the years. I remember when DarkScape was out but didn't play it myself since I'm don't PvP. Some of my RS3 clanmates played it and were disappointed when it was discontinued.

When I started playing in 2006 my children (now young adults) also played but sadly none of them play any more so I can sort of relate to you trying to get your RL friends to play. Hopefully they'll realize how much fun you're having and eventually join in. Even if they don't, this cc seems like a great place to play and have fun with others! Smile

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