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Post by Syllabic on Wed Apr 15, 2020 5:51 am

Hey Jase! It's always super cool to see completely fresh players joining the CC. I think a lot of wish we could recapture those first few weeks of playtime after discovering Runescape. The nostalgia is still a great motivator for me personally, but there's nothing quite like a whole new experience.

Glad you've found us to be a good motivator for you! I'll readily admit that I'm not always the best at encouraging new players, but luckily we've got a ton of people to pick up the slack, haha. Directly competing with clannies is always a good time too (ignore the fact that I almost never win!)

Anyway, sounds like you're making excellent progress so far. Getting that torso grind out of the way early is a great idea. Something I've yet to do myself at 115 cmb, if you can believe it Embarassed Quest cape is super cool too. I hope to have mine within the month, but I'm not the most consistent quester by a long shot. Looking forward to watching your progress, anyway Cool

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Post by This Land on Wed Apr 15, 2020 9:30 am

@Papi Jase wrote:Hi,

It's Papi Jase. I've been in the OSRS Advice CC since I made my account about a week ago. After hitting 60 Attack and getting full graceful I've decided to commit to OSRS which has lead me to make a formal introduction!

I found this CC on reddit, I like the vibe. I'm kind of active on it, people on there have helped me a lot and it's been positive as well as motivating seeing new players like me in there. I'm competitive so I want to be good at the game so all the people around my level, I see you and you are my rivals haha.

Currently, I've just followed a list of things to do to get my account to where it's at today. I'm proud of the progress I've made, currently pushing for 70 strength then we go for Torso, so some more questing for some free range experience and get 75 range to try for a fire cape. Long term goal is max cape. First big step to that is quest cape which I will rush after fire cape.

Any questions shoot! I also play FIFA, 2K and Apex on PS4 if anyone wants to play let me know.

Hey Papi Jasem and welcome officially to the OSRS Advice community! Really glad to see you on here as, like you said, I've seen you in the cc a lot recently Smile

You've absolutely smashed those first couple of milestones and I wish you all the best in your 70 strength, torso, questing, 75 range and fire cape goals. Certainly a tall order of stuff you've set yourself but I have no doubt you'll smash them just as quickly as the last two Very Happy Also like to add that I completely share Brodie's sentiment in that whilst it's nice to welcome new members to the clan who have been long-standing RS/OSRS players there's something extra special about welcoming entirely new players to the clan and it's so lovely to see that you've found the community helpful / inviting / useful etc...

My PM is always on if you need anything so don't hesitate to pop me a message if you have a question about anything or just want to say hey! Can't say I'll be able to answer anything but I'll give it my best shot and if you have any Farming or Agility questions then I am definitely the man with the answers haha Very Happy Until then, take care, stay safe and I'm looking forward to chatting with you more when we're both online and in the cc!

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Post by Noctivagous on Wed Apr 15, 2020 1:34 pm

Hello Jase, and welcome officially to OSRS Advice

It's nice to see your interest in our clan after seeing it through a thread, and lead you to officially join and it's a pleasure to have you.

Getting full graceful in itself is already a huge accomplishment, and not to mention that your striving to become better at the game itself will lead you to further ambition and greater achievements.

Hope to see you in the CC soon, so I can get to know you.


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